Case Studies

Financial Services

The Bank needed to provide a learning experience that would transform employee behaviour in the workplace, instead of simply transferring new informat...

Casual Dining Group

Casual Dining Group (CDG) increased the volume of in-restaurant data acquisition to help encourage repeat visits, and improve loyalty and retention.


Zizzi wanted to stand out from their competitors by understanding their customers' behaviour, tastes and preferences.

Foxy Bingo

Foxy Bingo wanted to gather critical self-reported data using a fun daily retention game to increase future personalised engagement. is a leading UK online casino. It’s using our scratchcard mechanic to offer players game bonuses to drive repeat and regular play.

Aspers Casino Online

Aspers Casino Online is using 3radical Voco's Wheel of Fortune to keep players engaged with the brand even when not betting on the site.

Kitty Bingo

The gaming industry is constantly looking for ways to improve player retention and engagement. This board game is for Daub Alderney and Kitty Bingo.

Magical Vegas

Another great gaming company is using our platform to deliver player engagement. See the 3radical game for Magical Vegas from Daub Alderney.

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