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One of the major banks in Australia invests heavily in its digital transformation journey to fundamentally change how it attracts, retains, and engages with customers to create better relationships and provide more value. Although the Bank had invested in a high quality range of digital solutions, it was lagging behind its local competitors in actively migrating customers over to its digital channels. Employees were either unsure, or simply did not know how to help customers use its digital solutions.

Traditional e-learning approaches were viewed as being too generic and lacking the ability to tailor and target content to the needs of different groups of employees. The Bank needed a new approach purposefully designed to address the common challenge that many organisations have that much of what employees learn during training sessions is quickly lost if not adopted.

The Bank needed an innovative and engaging approach to provide a learning experience that would transform employee behaviour in the workplace, instead of simply transferring new information to them.

The Bank also needed to get employee feedback over the effectiveness of the learning experience, as well as their employees’ confidence level in sharing the Bank’s digital products to its customers.


Powered by the 3radical Voco platform, the Solution creates a personalised interactive training journey which encourages the Bank’s employees to embrace digital initiatives informing and engaging them with the content necessary to support customers in migrating from physical transactions to digital channels.

Employees are challenged to engage with bite-sized content comprised of interactive videos, customer scenarios, and follow-up assessments. All of which themed around its digital offerings and best practices to build the confidence of employees and encourage them to converse with customers about the Bank’s digital offerings.

Engaging with the Solution rewards employees with points to improve their standings on leaderboards, badges in their own personalised Achievement Wall, and entries into a prize draw.

The Solution used a data capture framework that measured completion, time on task and engagement together with granular quiz and assessment results. In addition, employees were presented with surveys both before and after the program that allowed them to state their level of Digital Banking confidence, and provide feedback on the solution.


The Solution was rolled out to bankers across Australia through the latter half of 2018 and early 2019, promoted via business leaders and divisional communications. The experience was voluntary and has now been accessed by over 7000 employees with an 88% completion rate.

The resulting data was used to identify subject areas where actual performance and stated confidence were low allowing business users to refine program content by providing the necessary supporting materials and balance of program content and plan future learning initiatives. Operationally this has been coupled with a staged roll out of solutions across different business units and geographical regions and phased approach to learning initiatives supporting the continuous improvement and refinement of The Solution.

Through the Net Promoter Score measurement framework, the Bank has seen Digital Advocates (promoters) of their Digital offering shift from 9% to 59% of the banker population, with overall Banker confidence increasing by 77 points. Feedback from employees reflected a highly engaging and unique experience not previously experienced with online training on these topics. Employee feedback included insights on the frequency and delivery method of content updates that employees need to be kept informed and how the solution has improved on traditional learning methods together with recommendations for further improvements.

Furthermore, employees have provided insight on their future expectations highlighting the requirement for:
More regular updates
Continued use of micro-learning experiences
Incorporation of simulations
More content delivered in video format together with video content employees can share with their customers
Positive feedback on the use of gamification and humor within the content

The Bank have also seen a positive impact with a reduction in over-the counter branch transactions and call centre calls, and an increase in mobile logins and consumer product sales via its digital channels.

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