In today’s challenging hospitality industry customer confidence is falling, and unfortunately it is difficult for restaurants to truly know their customers’ preferences, behaviours and motivators. In the casual dining sector in particular it is incredibly difficult to achieve high levels of customer loyalty when there is so much choice. The quality of the experience is becoming increasingly important and therefore it was imperative that Zizzi found a way to better understand and engage with their customers.

Zizzi sought to increase engagement frequency in their restaurants whilst obtaining behaviour and preference data from their customers. Collecting this self-reported data would allow Zizzi to target their customers with relevant and personalised messages which would lead to repeat restaurant visits, more engaged and targeting customers and an increase in loyalty.

Brand advocates are difficult to achieve, the better the experience Zizzi offered the more marketable prospects they could acquire by asking customers to refer friends and family. Zizzi needed a platform that could not only engage but encourage referrals!


Zizzi and 3radical used Voco to create an entertaining, responsive web ‘Board Game’ which was fun for all the family. To encourage customers to play they were offered an opportunity to win a holiday to Sardinia, as well as instant prices and vouchers which can be redeemed at any Zizzi restaurant.

Using the 3radical Voco board game mechanic, players were given a number of dice rolls each day to encourage repeat engagement. Once these dice rolls had run out players were motivated to undertake additional tasks like completing a Zizzi quiz, providing first-party data using the Voco survey mechanic, or social sharing, all in return for more dice rolls.

Zizzi executed a number of quizzes designed to capture ‘zero-party’ feedback from customers. One quiz, ‘All About You’ focused on gathering key demographic information, and the second ‘What Foodie are You?’ was designed to capture feedback on eating preferences.

In addition to providing data in return for dice rolls, Zizzi could monitor, in real time, how their customers were interacting with marketing messages, which prizes they preferred and redeemed, and even their knowledge of Zizzi and Italian food. This allowed Zizzi to optimise and customise all future marketing messages and the customer journey, as well as improve brand loyalty.


The casual dining industry in the UK is crowded with competitive offers to encourage visits and engagement. However, Zizzi’s decision to implement the innovative 3radical Voco engagement platform certainly paid off.

The board game saw incredible engagement with over 1,800,000 dice rolls completed, and over 22,000 further marketing prospects identified and engaged.

In addition to this, repeat play results were excellent. 33% played for five or more days and 20% played for 10 days or more, leading to an incredible increase in daily website visits. This resulted in 27,000 ‘All About You’ and ‘What foodie are you?’ quiz completions (including 7,000 in the first 24 hours). The data collected was invaluable to Zizzi, the latter quiz included questions such as, ‘Do you have any special dietary requirements?’ and ‘What type of drinks would you typically purchase with your meal out?’.

The first survey revealed that Zizzi’s audience was skewed towards younger females. The second highlighted that a significant element of the respondents were interested in vegan, vegetarian, low-calorie and dairy-free options and that alcoholic drinks tended to be more popular that soft drinks. This combined led Zizzi to introduce a number of new menu options to take this segment and preferences, including vegan pizzas and new alcoholic drinks such as ‘Pimped Prosecco’ (a discount for the latter was then offered as a prize option in one of the later campaigns).

Additionally, all the first party data collected allowed Zizzi to personalise future marketing messages and the customer journey, build strong brand loyalty and increase customer retention, all whilst offering an entertaining and rewarding, family friendly board game.

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