Foxy Bingo


The gaming industry is facing many challenges. Regulation is increasing and competition to acquire new players is higher than ever. Thanks to onboarding regulation, the industry focus is shifting to responsibly retaining already acquired and lost players.

Foxy Bingo sought to increase retention rates and to keep customers interested and entertained by creating a more immersive experience, where players could be motivated to engage on a more continuous basis, whilst providing self reported data that could be used to increase future engagement.

Collecting sufficient onboarding data is already a requirement for operators. However, collecting self reported data can be used to personalise the player journey and improve segmentation.


To encourage customers to provide first party data 3radical created a daily retention game using the Voco platform. Using our board game mechanic, Foxy Bingo could reward players for their engagement and increase these rewards when engagement increased.

Players received one roll of the dice each day, which they used to move around the board game and collect tokens. Completing a set of tokens unlocks a range of prizes, prize draw entries, Foxy Bingo merchandise and other rewards.

When players have had their throw, they can earn extra dice rolls by completing further tasks, including answering a fun, on-brand and tongue-in-cheek survey and providing self reported data.

In addition to providing self reported data, Foxy Bingo could see how customers were interacting with content through the Voco platform, and change the stories and content in real time using the data collected, allowing Foxy Bingo to optimise and customise each player journey.


The results were incredible, especially considering Foxy Bingo are operating in the highly competitive gaming market.

Daily active wagering player volumes increased by 30% as players repeatedly engaged with not only the game but Foxy Bingo’s other offerings, and more than 60% of customers engaged with the Voco generated content on five or more days.

This resulted in thousands of customers completing the ‘How Foxy are You?’ survey, capturing valuable first-party customer preference data about game types, brand ambassadors and even colour preferences that Foxy Bingo could use for:

Analysis and predicting future patterns

Re-targeting and personalising future marketing activity

Building stronger brand-player relationships

Expanding their player base

Customising the player journey

Identify lapsed VIPs

To top it all off, every player that played in month one also played in month two. This increase in player interaction with the main board game mechanic created a rich stream of engagement data which was fed back into the company’s enterprise marketing platform to help personalise and improve marketing communications delivered via other channels.

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