Earned Data in the age of the empowered consumer

Build Trusted Relationships with your Customers

Today’s consumers understand the value of their personal data. They will only share it with brands they trust. 3radical Voco helps brands engage customers with interactive exchanges of value that lead to the willing provision of what we call Earned Data. It’s the most powerful data a marketer can work with.

First Party, Second Party, Third Party.....

We’re seeing a rapid shift away from third party databases due to a combination of privacy legislation and the fact that today’s consumers understand the real value of their personal data. At 3radical, we believe the most valuable data of all comes from an interactive value exchange between brand and consumer, with a clear understanding of how it will be used. We call this Earned Data.

What is Earned Data?

Earned Data is data intentionally shared by an individual with an organisation via transparent and consensual data capture.

It is acquired through an individual-defined value exchange and with a clear understanding of how it will be used.

Beyond Compliance

The GDPR in Europe and the CCPA in California now mandate how companies are allowed to gather customer data and communicate with prospects. But rather than legislation being a hindrance, marketers should view it as an opportunity. Those brands who can find new ways of encouraging the willing provision of earned data, and can then progressively personalise the customer experience over time, will be the ones who win in this new age of marketing.

The 3radical Voco Difference - Building Trust with Every Interaction

Customer feedback channels are nothing new, and we’re increasingly seeing multiple engagement mechanics being used in combination with different reward types to encourage the willing provision of earned data. 3radical Voco goes further than this, and represents a uniquely rich way of building an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship between brand and customer.

Real-time Optimization

3radical Voco will automatically select the optimum combination of engagement mechanic and reward, triggered by a combination of observed behaviours specific to the individual, and contextual metadata including device type, geography, time, etc.

Lifecycle Engagement

Whereas most solutions gather self-reported data in one hit (perhaps a survey mechanic), 3radical Voco treats each interaction as part of a journey, continually optimising the next engagement, across multiple touch points. Each interaction is designed to provide the most appropriate value exchange for that particular individual at a given point in time. This builds trust between consumer and brand.

Unique view of each customer

Fully-permissioned earned data is the richest, most robust data available to marketers. Not only is it data that's been acquired with transparency that complies with privacy legislation, but it is truly 'earned' through two-way interactive value exchanges. This leads to long-term trust and loyalty, and lives up to the high expectations today's consumers have of the brands they deal with.


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