Inspection and Product Certification Services


A global leader in inspection and product certification services (The Group) needed to demonstrate its position as a functional
safety expert, and acquire new leads for its business stream.

One of the Group’s biggest challenges was in evaluating the quality of its generated leads obtained, and the quality of leads obtained in each of its individual marketing channel. The Group needed to engage with its audience through its marketing channels in a personalised and interactive manner that would also encourage its audience to provide self-reported data.

Collecting self-reported data from the audience would allow The Group to understand their leads’ preferences, improve data enrichment and segmentation, and retarget its leads with personalised marketing messages.


Powered by the 3radical Voco platform, The Group developed a 12-day Christmas-themed educational safety campaign. Using game science, the campaign drove lead generation for The Group by engaging with its audience in the form of a daily quiz promoted through The Group’s existing marketing channels.

The Group’s audience were prompted to visit a specific URL to take on a quiz of safety and product certification related questions, followed by profiling questions, on a maximum of 5 trials in any one day.

Participants could accumulate points by answering quiz questions correctly, and can earn even more points by answering more detailed questions about themselves in an ‘All About Me’ quiz, or share the URL on various social media channels and inviting others to sign up by sharing a unique referrer’s link.

Points were calculated on a daily basis and the individual with the most points that day was awarded the daily prize. The overall campaign grand prize winner was awarded to the individual with the most points at the end of the 12-day campaign.


The Group obtained great engagement results from The Campaign, with self-reported additional data collected from the participants including:

Country Location
Job field and department
Number of years the organisation has been operating in the country
Amount of full-time employees based within the country
Role in the organisation buying process
What is most important during the buying process
How long their organisation takes to appoint a new service provider
Which social media channel or internet application they use for work-related matters
What type of information they search for when using social media for work-related matters

The self-reported data collected allowed The Group to better understand their audience, how to personalise their marketing messaging for each individual marketing channel, effectively customising their offering to provide more value and ultimately, to build stronger relationships.


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