Zizzi Board Game


One of the key challenges in the hospitality industry is that you often don’t know your customers.

In an industry where the quality of the experience that you deliver is becoming increasingly important, it was imperative that Zizzi found a way to better engage with its customers.

The key goals were to:

  • Increase consideration by increasing engagement frequency
  • Obtain behaviour and preference data for customers so follow-up engagement would be more relevant
  • Acquire further marketable prospects by asking customers to refer friends and family


Zizzi and 3radical developed a responsive web ‘Board Game’ that offered customers an opportunity to ‘Win a Holiday to Sardinia’.

Every day the customer would receive a number of dice rolls with the opportunity to obtain discount vouchers or an entry into the Holiday prize draw.

Customers were motivated to undertake tasks like completing surveys, or providing first-party data to win additional dice rolls.


  • Inviting Engagement

    Over 22,000 further marketing prospects identified and engaged.

    1,800,000 dice rolls completed.


  • Being Memorable

    87,000 follow-up actions completed.

    27,000 survey completions, including 7,000 in initial 24 hours.

    Excellent repeat play – 33% played for 5 days or more, 20% played for 10 days or more.

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