Zizzi Scratch & Win


Zizzi is competing in a highly competitive casual dining market, where there is a keen need to create clear differentiation in a crowded space.

There are two key challenges that were facing Zizzi:

  • There is a heavy reliance on low cost offers / discounts to motivate engagement and improve footfall
  • Traditional email is just not working – it is difficult to gain sign-ups, response rates are low (poor click through rates) and increasing levels of opt-out


3radical developed a ‘Digital Scratch-Card’ experience that was accessible via a Zizzi responsive website and also via FaceBook.

There was a tie-in with both the Rugby World Cup and also a social programme that Zizzi was running called #ZizziTacklesCancer.

The consumer was able to play the scratch card game to win various offers. More opportunities to play the game were provided if they undertook a positive ‘Next Actions’ such as Following, Sharing, or Referring.


  • Inviting Engagement

    23% click-through rate – leading to 37,500 ‘covers’.

  • Being Memorable

    Over 400k ‘plays’ by 90k ‘players’ – 20k ‘Net New Names’.

    1000s of social referrals, Tweets and new followers.

  • Empowering Advocacy

    Greater than 1000 donations to Stand Up To Cancer.

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