National Pharmacies


National Pharmacies recognised that maintaining engagement was key to driving membership renewals and increasing both in-store and online transactions.

Sending customers promotions and offers using a traditional campaign management approach, with a fixed timeline for engagement, just wasn’t working.


The 3radical Voco platform was used to embed a mobile responsive web app within the authenticated National Pharmacies member app.

By applying both external data triggers like high pollen levels or high temperatures coupled with member data.


  • Being memorable

    Approx. 50,000 customers downloaded the National Pharmacies mobile app.

  • Inviting engagement

    An additional 5,000 members downloaded the mobile app.

    The monthly active user base doubled.

  • Motivating purchase

    There was a 120% increase in retail basket value.

    There were staggering improvements of 253% – 700% in voucher redemptions over previous campaigns.



By delivering individual, real-time, fun and engaging digital content into our app and other digital channels using the 3radical Voco platform, we saw an increase in retail basket value of 120%. We also saw our promotions drive incredible engagement - with up to a 7 fold increase in voucher redemption. All this is delivered by our own marketing team using the 3radical Voco platform and the integration with Oracle Mobile Cloud Service and Microsoft Dynamics CRM makes everything really efficient for us.

Ryan Klose, Executive General Manager, Corporate,

National Pharmacies

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