Dell Engage


Selling through resellers in a crowded market, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Dell to gain the attention of consumers.

It needed to find a new way to capture the imagination of customers and to engage them to learn about the great new products from Dell.


A custom mobile application called Dell Engage SG was introduced to the market. This was powered by 3radical and enabled Dell to spin-up highly immersive and highly rewarding experiences.

Two games were developed for the app, focusing on the World Cup:

  • Ultimate Striker Challenge
  • Guess the goals

Customers earned opportunities to play by undertaking activities such as reading content, liking a FaceBook page, visiting Dell resellers and sharing content with friends.


  • Inviting engagement

    1000s of customers downloaded Dell Engage SG mobile app.

    20,000 plus games were played on the mobile app.

  • Being memorable

    Over 75% who downloaded app provided their Facebook details with permission to send push messages.

    1000s of visits made to Dell’s website, online store and Facebook page.

  • Empowering Advocacy

    500,000 + impressions of peer shared content were delivered by consumers.

    Consumers also shared user generated photos of Dell messaging.

We cut through the marketing noise and generated a two-way relationship with key consumers using the 3radical Mobile Gamification Platform.

Daniel Chia, Marketing Communications Manager,

Dell, Singapore

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