Refer A Friend

Motivate Customers and Employees to Refer You

83% of people trust referrals from people they know. But getting customers, players or employees to refer your brand, product or organisation is tough. People are more demanding and their time and attention span is rapidly declining.

Get it right and the rewards are significant. More new customers, players or employees as recommendations from friends and family work wonders. Referred customers are 25% more valuable. Referred employees are easier to hire and stay longer. Plus, you’ll secure greater long-term loyalty, and repeat revenue, from your existing customers too.

Despite this, today’s refer a friend programmes often fail to deliver. For customers, players, employees and for you. What you need is a new approach – and it has to be easy, rewarding and fun. Read our guides for tips on how to create compelling referral programmes.


Radical Referrals makes creating great branded refer a friend programmes fast and easy

Radical Referrals is a simple to use add-on to our audience engagement platform, 3radical Voco, which provides best-practice templates for generating peer referrals via your website, mobile apps and other digital marketing platforms.

People will love the experience as they seamlessly share referral requests with their friends and family over instant messaging apps, SMS, email and social media.

Friends then receive personalised messages with compelling offers, like vouchers, prize draw entries or loyalty points, which they can obtain by completing key tasks such as registering as a new customer, completing a purchase or other customisable activities.

When a friend completes a task the original person is instantly rewarded, motivating them to refer again.

Great refer a friend programmes don’t have to be difficult to develop and manage

Take a look at our short demo video to learn more about Radical Referrals and see how it could improve your engagement programmes.

You decide the rewards and set the limits

When designing your referral programme you can define reward tiers and set ‘stretch goals’ to increase the total number of friends each person is encouraged to refer to unlock additional bonuses.

The solution’s security features allow you to set limits on referral frequency and total referrals to avoid people being able to ‘game the system’. This means you can focus your attention on acquiring those you want for the long term.

Get powerful reporting to track progress and optimise

Using 3radical Voco’s interactive reporting, you can track which people, rewards and channels are generating the most referrals to optimise your programme.

Enhance your referral programme with 3radical Voco

Radical Referrals integrates with our audience engagement platform 3radical Voco. This gives you access to a wide range of additional game mechanics to motivate more referrals including leaderboards, instant vouchers, reward points and shop, and games like spin to win, scratch cards or present opening. You could also request other actions from people like completing surveys, visiting stores or sharing content and add them into your programme.

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