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/ 30 November 2018


London, UK: 21 November, 2018 – 3radical, the developers of Voco – the engagement platform that enables brands to connect with audiences with real-time, interactive digital experiences and games across multiple channels – has launched a new solution that makes it easy to create engaging refer a friend campaigns. Radical Referrals provides customers with best-practice templates for generating peer referrals via their website, mobile apps and other digital marketing platforms. It is available standalone or as an add-on to 3radical Voco.

David Eldridge, CEO: “Motivating customers or employees to refer you is tough. People are getting more demanding and their time and attention span is rapidly declining. Today’s refer a friend programmes often fail to deliver but get it right and the rewards are significant – more new customers and great employees as recommendations from friends and family work wonders. What was needed though was a new approach, one that made it easy to create and manage these campaigns and benefited from current best practice in gaming science to make them engaging, rewarding and fun for the referrer and recipient. That’s what we’ve done with Radical Referrals – in just a few clicks you can create great campaigns that engage with your audience and will get those referrals rolling in.”

Key features of this new solution include:

  • Radical Referrals makes creating great branded refer a friend programmes fast and easy: The best practice templates in Radical Referrals mean people will find campaigns engaging and enjoy sharing referral requests with their friends and family over instant messaging apps, SMS, email and social media. Recipients receive personalised messages directly from their friend with compelling offers, like vouchers, prize draw entries or loyalty points, which they can obtain by completing key tasks such as registering as a new customer, completing a purchase or other customisable activities. Then when the friend completes the task the original customer who referred them is instantly rewarded, motivating them to refer again.
  • You decide the rewards and set the limits: When users design their referral programme they define reward tiers within Radical Referrals and can also set ‘stretch goals’ to increase the total number of friends each person is encouraged to refer to unlock additional bonuses. The solution’s security features allow limits on referral frequency and total referrals to be set to avoid people being able to ‘game the system’.
  • Powerful reporting to track progress and optimise: Using 3radical Voco’s interactive reporting, users can track which customers or employees, rewards and channels are generating the most referrals to optimise their programme.
  • Enhance the referral programme with 3radical Voco: Radical Referrals integrates with the audience engagement platform 3radical Voco. This gives users access to a wider range of game mechanics to motivate more referrals including leaderboards, instant vouchers, reward points and shop, and games like spin to win, scratch cards or present opening. It is also possible to include other actions from customers like completing surveys, visiting stores or sharing content into any referral programme with Voco.


For more information on Radical Referrals visit www.3radical.com/radicalreferrals.

For media enquiries, please contact:

Stuart Handley


About 3radical

3radical is a software company that provides solutions to enable organisations to better engage with their consumer and employee audiences. These solutions deliver immersive experiences that compel audiences to respond, connect and seek further participation. This results in stronger emotional connections, enhanced loyalty and an increased commercial performance.

The experiences are powered by Voco, 3radical’s award winning platform. Voco has a set of built-in best practice mechanics that enable business users to create interactive journeys that can deliver contextually relevant, highly rewarding experiences, in the moment, via digital channels such as web, email, mobile app, social and chat.  The results are exceptional, with leading brands like Zizzi, DBS Bank, Dell, British Land, Matalan, along with many more all benefiting from this transformational approach to audience engagement.

3radical sells its solutions globally through offices in the UK, US, Singapore and Australia.

Learn more at www.3radical.com

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