Key trends and challenges for the gambling industry in 2020

Discover what gaming experts predict for the industry in 2020.

The gambling industry hasn’t had the easiest year. Regulation has increased, media scrutiny has been even more intense and the market is incredibly competitive. Our experts believe regulatory pressures are only going to increase, and that gaming companies will need to navigate with care. 

Does this mean they are looking to international markets? Are they looking to stand out through innovation and technology? Do they have a positive outlook? And what does this mean for the future of the industry?

Download the Gaming Industry Report to discover what our experts believe are the key areas set to shape the gambling sector over the next 12 months.

Also, hear what the experts think about:

  • The State of the Gaming Nation
  • Shifting the Focus to Retention & Loyalty
  • Improving Player Care & Education
  • 10 Ways to Build your Best Game

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