An Easier Path to Education


533% Higher Engagement

216% Higher Enrollment Rate

40% Decrease in Website Bounces


3radical worked with this flexible alternative learning program provider to attract higher engagement from their audience, encourage interaction, as well as develop a better understanding of what types of content appeal to each of the two main groupings of their audience –prospective and returning students and their parents.

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This alternative learning program provider had a thorough understanding of the history, challenges, values, and “language” around how students and parents would approach their schools’ value propositions. They also developed relevant content to resonate with these audiences. The issue was, the content was not easily accessible and our client had a difficult time surfacing it effectively because their journey mapping didn’t consider how they’d identify who was on their website and what was most important to them when considering and alternative education. They left it up to the student or parent to find what was relevant to them, or to a call, test, or email from a representative of the institution. This ask of commitment was enough of a barrier to produce high bounce rates and much of their content went unseen. 


We took a deeper dive to focus on the specific point when prospects and returning students come to their website. Since our client already knew all the possible considerations their prospects might have when choosing a school, we went on to develop a ‘mini journey map’ to help chaperone their visitors to the right content at that moment. By utilizing 3radical’s proprietary audience engagement mechanics, the visitor is able to tell our client whether they are a student or parent of a student. We also asked them where they are at in the decisioning process and what was most important to their school choice decision. We then surfaced content to adapting to those responses in real-time. Finally, we gave the visitor choices on how to interact moving forward –inquire now, speak with us by phone, keep me updated via email, not for me (and why) –and developed journey touchpoints via email to enable our client to keep updated on their progresstoward a decision.


  • Phenomenal Response Rates and Utilized Content

    The response rates were phenomenal, content was utilized more than ever, email and live communications were more relevant to what the client learned about the prospect, and more leads came to a yes or no decision point than ever (including lift in enrollments).

    – 660% Lift (Incremental Revenue / Cost)

    – Visitors who went through the experiences had a 216% higher enrollment rate than those that did not

    – Over 40% decrease in website bounce rate 

    – Based on initial learnings, we tested a new experience mechanism increasing engagement by 533% when comparing to the original mechanism implemented

  • Independent Consultant Verified

    Additionally, an independent consultant conducted an analysis comparing enrollments of prospects that went through our experience versus those that came directly from Google, either through paid or organic search.  Results included:

    – 171% more leads completed a school visit

    – 173% more leads completed the application

    – 216% more leads attended the school

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