Zero-Party Data: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

/ 24 August 2023

Zero-party data is data customers willingly share, providing unique insights into their preferences, habits, and needs. This means you’re not just shooting in the dark when crafting your festive promotions; you’re making informed decisions backed by reliable data.

But the beauty of this data doesn’t stop at the turn of the year. Much like the perpetual Christmas gift that keeps on giving, the zero-party data collected now continues to pay dividends well into the new year and beyond. Something that is even more pertinent, as cookies will deprecate in 2024. 

In this blog, we explore how you can collect and leverage zero-party data for Christmas marketing and beyond. 

Let’s get into it. 👇

What is zero-party data and how can it boost campaigns?

Whether during the festive season or beyond, at the core of every successful campaign lies a deep understanding of customers. This is where earned data like zero-party data comes into play. Unlike first-party data, which is derived from observed behaviour, zero-party data is information willingly provided by customers about their preferences, desires, and needs. 

It’s like customers handing you a list of what they want for Christmas. 

But how does zero-party data boost campaigns? Imagine having a clear, detailed picture of your customer. You know what makes them tick, what they’re planning to purchase this festive season, and what promotional approach resonates with them.

This allows you to tailor your campaigns to a level of personalisation that’s second to none. 

It’s like ensuring every present under the Christmas tree hits the mark – resulting in satisfied customers and boosted sales figures.

But zero-party data doesn’t just stop at the holiday season. This gift keeps on giving, allowing you to maintain this customer-centric approach for the long-term. 

This means you can tweak your strategies based on changing customer preferences, keeping your campaigns relevant and effective. Essentially, zero-party data guides your marketing strategies towards customer satisfaction and business success.

Strategies for gathering zero-party data this season

As the festive season approaches, it’s an ideal time to gather zero-party data. But how do you convince customers to part with this valuable information? 

Here are three strategies to help you gather that consumer insight:

1. Gamifying festive promotions

First, consider gamification through holiday promotions. Everybody loves a bit of fun during the holiday season, and incorporating games into your marketing strategy can be a great way to collect zero-party data

And through our work, we’ve found that these adaptive engaging experiences typically generate these kinds of results over typical tactics: 

  • 50-90% question completion
  • 100% increase in opt-in
  • X3 click through rate
  • +500% site engagement

Perhaps it’s an advent calendar where customers reveal their preferences each day for a chance to win a prize, or maybe it’s a festive-themed quiz that subtly gathers data. Whichever game you play, it’s a win-win: customers enjoy the interaction, and you gain valuable insight.

2. Festive surveys and questionnaires

You could also consider festive surveys and questionnaires. The holiday season is a time for reflection, making it the perfect opportunity to ask your customers about their likes, dislikes, and wishes for the coming year. 

Keep it light, engaging, and on-theme to encourage participation. The responses can then be turned into zero-party data that informs your holiday campaign and beyond. 

North American arts and crafts retailer, Michael’s, is a great example to highlight this. During the 2021 holiday season, Michael’s discovered that their 4.8 million customer email addresses were at risk of becoming inactive. To re-engage these email subscribers, Michael’s leveraged 3radical’s gamification solutions using a survey and holiday-themed ‘advent calendar’. 

The result? Not only did they re-activate more than 80,000 customer emails, but they used progressive data capture to learn about customers’ habits, hobbies, and communication preferences. This valuable zero-party data could then be used all year round. 

3. Social media sweepstakes

Lastly, don’t forget about social media sweepstakes. These contests are shared widely on platforms like Instagram or Facebook, making them a great tool to expand your reach and collect zero-party data. 

Ask participants to share their favourite holiday traditions or their dream holiday gift as part of the entry process. You’re not just promoting your brand; you’re also gathering valuable data, making your campaign targeted and on point.

👉In summary, implementing these strategies can make the task of gathering zero-party data easy and precise. By integrating them into your holiday plans, you’ll ensure that this festive season delivers data-driven success.

Using zero-party data to create personalised campaigns

Zero-party data provides a tonne of personalisation options for your holiday campaigns. So let’s delve into how you can use this valuable data to transform your marketing strategies and fill your customers with joy.

First up are tailored gift guides and product recommendations. With the insight gleaned from zero-party data, you can build bespoke holiday gift guides that truly resonate with your customers’ unique needs and preferences. Your personalised recommendations will not only save your customers valuable time but also drive sales conversions.

Next, we have customised email outreach. Using zero-party data, you can segment your customer base and tailor your holiday email campaigns accordingly. You can create personalised offers, use their name in the subject line, or send them a holiday recipe based on their food preferences. Each personalised touch makes your customers feel valued, strengthening your relationship and increasing the effectiveness of your campaign.

Lastly, let’s sprinkle some personalisation onto your social media engagement. Zero-party data can help you curate personalised content that resonates with your customers and sparks meaningful interactions. For example, if a segment of your customers enjoys eco-friendly products, a post about your brand’s commitment to sustainability, along with some green gift suggestions, could be just the ticket.

👉In essence, zero-party data allows you to go beyond generic holiday campaigns, delivering a personalised touch that truly resonates with your customers. By using zero-party data to fuel your festive marketing efforts, you’ll ensure your brand is at the top of your customers’ list this season.

Benefits zero-party data brings after the holidays

While zero-party data can certainly boost your holiday campaigns, its true value lies in its long-lasting benefits. Zero-party data continues to add year-round value, bringing a wealth of advantages to your business.

A key benefit is improved customer loyalty. By using zero-party data to tailor your campaigns, you’re showing your customers that their preferences matter to you. This respect for their needs and preferences can enhance their trust in your brand, fostering a sense of loyalty that outlasts any holiday season.

Why is this important? Because marketers are changing the way they advertise, according to recent surveys*:

  • 49% of CMOs prioritise more meaningful engagement with consumers.
  • 60% of CMOs plan to increase spending on acquiring 1st (and zero) party data.
  • 79% of marketers say tracking online behaviour to create understanding is a top priority for marketing success.

Zero-party data also enables ongoing personalisation. The customer preferences, behaviours and needs you uncover during the holidays are not limited to that period. They form a comprehensive customer profile that enables you to personalise your interactions all year round, helping you stay relevant and engage your customers more effectively.

Enhanced customer profiles and segments are another huge benefit. Zero-party data allows you to segment your customers based on their explicit preferences, helping you understand your audience better. This improved segmentation enables more targeted marketing, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Finally, zero-party data offers insight for product development. The valuable data your customers willingly provide can reveal gaps in your product range, suggest improvements, or highlight new trends, helping you innovate and stay competitive. 

By helping you foster customer loyalty, personalise your communications, enhance customer profiling, and inspire product development, zero-party data delivers long-term lasting benefits. 

Unwrap success with customer insights this holiday season

As the festive season draws near, the opportunity to gather zero-party data heightens. It’s a time when customer engagement is high, and the willingness to share preferences, from favourite holiday treats to wish-list items, is even higher. 

Simply put, there’s no better time than the festive season to begin gathering these valuable insights.

But as we’ve seen, the true beauty of zero-party data is its longevity. It empowers your campaigns with a personal touch, drives customer loyalty, and even informs your product development—ultimately leading to ongoing success.

Data-led strategies are key to knowing what your customers want and their preferences. 

Start crafting engaging gamified surveys, launch festive games, or initiate a social media sweepstakes. 

Easy campaigns to get you started can be found here

By capturing zero-party data now, you’re not just preparing for a successful holiday season, but setting up a customer-centric future. Talk to us to find out more.

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