Why marketers can benefit from deploying an audience engagement and consumer data acquisition experience

/ 6 September 2022

Whether you are part of e-commerce, CRM, or loyalty teams, the essential, overarching goal of any marketing department is driving sales, which is harder than ever in today’s oversaturated retail market. Encumbered with rising acquisition costs and the impending end of cookies, marketing teams know customer retention is vital to their approach in-market. A consistent and cohesive marketing strategy is only effective if the consumer and their preferences are at the center of their omnichannel experiences. But being able to tailor and adapt messages to an individual customer’s preferences or past interactions requires unique, often difficult to obtain, zero-party data.  

According to this recent consumer survey, 42% of consumers are less inclined to shop with brands that do not tailor or personalize their communications and 54% of consumers would exchange their data for tailored offers and promotions. 

Consumers are looking for personalized, interactive, customer-driven shopping experiences.

It’s more than just a text message with their first name or a promotional or abandoned cart email; it’s understanding your customers’ needs, motivations, and intent. Why did they come to your website at all? What is it they’re looking for? How can you ensure the most relevant products are displayed for each of site visitors? 

An adaptive, personalized experiential customer journey can answer all those questions and more, earning valuable zero-party customer data capture that ultimately…

  • Drive down bounce rates
  • Increase repeat purchases
  • Create loyal customers
  • Identify customers’ needs and intent
  • Win over your competition

Through the use of personalized, interactive, consumer-driven digital experiences, brands are able to put the exact products the consumer is looking for in front of them by asking questions to understand their needs and intent. This not only empowers the shopper to receive the ideal online experience, but also helps the brand earn valuable, consented data they may not have otherwise been privy to. Then, this data can be used to drive future tailored, adaptive marketing communications.

Communications such as:

  • Serving emails with only product categories or style preferences consumers have shared
  • Curate recommendations on the homepage or loyalty login page based on what zero-party data the user has shared and purchased
  • Provide relevant tips and tricks to the user based on why they shop with you
  • Share fun quarterly or end of year wrap-ups on customer’s preferences and purchase history and what’s recommended for the next quarter/year

Still not sure if a customer data acquisition and audience engagement solution is right for your brand? Check out the results from our campaign with North America’s largest arts and crafts retailer, Michaels: 

  • 80,000 unique emails reactivated ($400k value)
  • 41% of those that clicked the email engaged with the experience
  • 2,500 unique data points were captured 

We’ve run the numbers and an audience engagement campaign strategy could be worth thousands, if not millions, annually. 

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