Q & A with New VP of Sales, North America, Josh Weiner

/ 24 September 2020

Q&A with New VP of Sales, North America, Josh Weiner

We are excited to announce Josh Weiner is joining 3radical at it’s new VP of Sales, North America. We sat down with Josh to learn a bit more about him and why he’s looking forward to being part of the 3radical team.

3r:        What drew you to 3radical?

Josh:    In today’s digital media environment, brands and consumers are in a tough position with a few large companies owning a vast majority of eyeballs, data, and ad-spend. Consumers no longer trust their web search and social platform of choice to handle their data responsibly, and those company’s outsized share of ad spend, with limited alternatives has allowed them to squander the long time promise of digital advertising – a transparent and measurable marketing channel.

3radical gives brands a new choice with an easily integrable and innovative way to directly engage their own customers within the channels they already own. Additionally, 3radical gives the consumer a way to engage with brands on their terms and only with their consent. This is a game-changer that allows brands to own their audience, consumers to control their data, and for brands and consumers to engage in a direct relationship of trust and value exchange resulting in an improved lifetime experience for the consumer, and improved lifetime sales performance for the brand.

3r:        What are you looking forward to as VP of Sales at 3radical?

Josh:    My past roles have been very left-brain, rooted in the uniqueness and analytic value of a defined data-asset and how it can be maneuvered into an existing advertising or analytic infrastructure to solve a very specific problem or need, all while navigating the many hurdles of consumer and payments privacy.   

With 3radical, I look forward to exercising my creative right-brain more to help brands re-imagine how they can better engage their customers. There will be decisions around which data is important for a brand to acquire based on their business and engagement strategy, a need to envision the various and effective ways to incentivize desired behavior, and a vision to help them own their experience that will reveal the customer journey to sale and back again for improved business performance. All of this comes with an opportunity to make trust a key part of that brand’s values by being mindful of and transparent about its customers’ right to data privacy throughout the experience.

3r:        What trends are you seeing in market that you feel 3radical addresses?

Josh:    There are inevitable changes in consumer data privacy in the U.S. that 3radical can help brands immediately address. In fact, brands who get out ahead of the impending regulations will gain early credibility positioning them as a trustworthy brand with their customers and beyond, something 3radical can enable today.

Additionally, the accelerated proliferation of direct-to-consumer commerce and engagement requires that traditionally brick & mortar and retail distributed brands quickly earn a direct relationship with their customers and prospects. There are those companies that were born and bred e-commerce/DTC, there are those with the resources to build their own engagement channels to meet the new trend, and then there are those in the middle who must evolve. There is an enormous opportunity for 3radical to help all of these brands, but especially those who need to transform their business quickly to stay relevant and thrive in the new digital world of 2020 and beyond.

3r:        Tell us a bit more about you.

Josh:    I have over 10 years experience at the intersection of consumer transaction data and marketing delivery, insights, and analytics solutions as a sales and business development leader, serving time in both corporate and startup environments. In each role, I’ve successfully developed and executed go-to-market strategies against new digital and data products, and partner initiatives against high growth revenue objectives. My sales experience spans many consumer facing business verticals, including financial services, travel, retail, restaurant, automotive, entertainment, direct-to-consumer, and more. Analytical and performance minded, I work daily to develop a deep and current understanding of global markets and all of my clients’ business in order to frame innovative solutions toward solving for pressing industry needs. In my free-time, I am an avid traveler, backcountry hiker/backpacker, and home-cook.

3r:        What are some of your key past success you’d like to share?

Josh:    While at Affinity Solutions, I worked on both the marketing solutions and financial services sides of the business, vetting and building partnerships with companies in a variety of industry verticals including financial institutions, financial services, asset management, consumer insights & analytics, management consulting, geo-location/spatial data, eCommerce & loyalty data, identity solutions, ad/mar-tech, as well as retail, restaurant, & DTC brands. Prior to Affinity Solutions, I led sales team performance and brought the first Fortune 50 brand onto the platform at Commerce Signals. During my tenure at Cardlytics, I was a core part of the sales go-to-market development and launch of their transaction data-monetization business, which was the most recognizable transaction data source in the ad-tech industry in 2 year’s time. Then, when at Adara, I sold through significant non-travel vertical business including Fortune 50 brands Microsoft, Ford Motor Company, and General Motors as new marketing partners of a travel-centered data marketing solution. Last, but not least, while at Orbitz Worldwide, I integrated the partner marketing business into the ad-tech eco-system achieving above target YoY growth from a declining revenue stream.

3r:        Welcome Josh! We’re excited to have you join the team.

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