Experiom and 3radical Partner to Offer Consented Data Capture Solutions

/ 15 July 2020

Tony Cox, CEO, Experiom

Our job is to determine ‘best in class’ marketing technology platforms, bring them to the agencies and organizations we work with, and ensure they’re delivering the highest possible value. That’s a big task considering the marketing technology industry is booming with vendors and capabilities!

Identifying the best solutions requires cutting through the hype. It’s great to discuss theory and the potential for solutions, but ensuring they deliver (and are set-up to deliver) is a different ball game altogether. We specialize in grading and evaluating platforms, and then proving their worth.

So, when we identify a platform that adds something truly special, it’s exciting…

One of the biggest issues in marketing right now is the provisioning of data. From a data governance perspective it’s unavoidable, but it’s also a high priority because marketers recognise that many current approaches to data collection are frankly antiquated and not really fit for purpose.

We are therefore pleased to announce  a new partnership with 3radical, which will provide a better way of doing things. The 3radical Voco platform is used by organizations to create fun, interactive value exchanges, which increase loyalty, encourage specific behaviours and ‘earn data’.

It promotes a ‘customer initiated’ approach to data collection, and is now part of our ‘best in class’ mar-tech roster. 

As information is volunteered and permissioned through the platform’s engagement mechanics (built based on motivational sciences), the resulting data is highly accurate. The approach enables organizations to fill the gaps in customer/prospect profiles that have long been accepted as ‘unavoidable’. This in turn greatly improves the overall effectiveness of marketing campaigns.  

We believe such a platform will fit into existing marketing stacks well. Along with helping companies and agencies tackle the complexity brought about by the sheer scale of the market, we help them manage their mar-tech stacks and how platforms work together.  The good news is that a lot of modern platforms embrace integration, which can be incredibly powerful but are not without complexity.

An immediate opportunity we see is the pairing of 3radical Voco and the Adobe Experience Platform. The value Voco provides at the front end by gathering information through its enhanced analytical insights capabilities could be fed in real-time through to the Adobe real-time CDP- that’s particularly exciting. We are looking forward to exploring and building such integrations, and there will of course also be 3radical campaigns that stand completely by themselves.

From data migration (which can come with substantial challenges even for organizations with relatively small amounts), to accessing internal staff capabilities, training requirements and resourcing; we work with clients to understand where they are, where they want to be and we then achieve it together.

3radical is now an important part of that and will provide better, faster and more successful consumer insight and engagement to those we work with!

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