8 Secrets of Engagement Success

/ 5 December 2018

Securing high levels of customer engagement, and employee engagement for that matter, is getting very hard to do. People’s time is precious and their attention span short. They expect to hear from organisations on their own terms – where, and when, they want to, not when the marketing or employee communications team decide. They also expect to be in control of what is communicated.

Forrester Research calls this the Age of the Customer. So they seemed like the perfect people to speak to about the challenges and opportunities this represents for anyone tasked with exciting and engaging an audience – be that a consumer, customer, player, fan, employee, citizen or student.

We interviewed customer engagement expert Rusty Warner and asked him how people’s expectations of organisations and brands have changed and what has driven this.  We then explored how the most progressive organisations have changed their approach to engagement in response.

We even put him on the spot and asked him to share with us his secrets of audience engagement success. To give us the steps you can take today to supercharge your plans.

Here is a brief summary of what he said.

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