What is Gamification

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is the integration of game thinking and game mechanics into non-game experiences to motivate increased levels of engagement. Gamification is being applied to many different processes and tasks to enhance the enjoyment of the people involved in doing them. Enjoyment is created by making tasks more engaging, fun and interesting to complete, which in turn increases people’s motivation to complete them.

Why Does It Work?

Gamification works today, as audiences are increasing fatigued by traditional approaches to engagement and are looking for a more rewarding and enjoyable experience. It appeals to their intrinsic motivation, where individuals wish to engage and participate for its inherent satisfaction in taking part. When intrinsically motivated, a person is moved to act for the fun or challenge entailed, rather than for the rewards that are on offer.

In comparison, when individuals are extrinsically motivated, they are not participating in an activity for the inherent pleasure they may experience while performing it, but rather in order to receive something positive or to avoid something negative that is separate from the activity.

Little Book Of Gamification

Key principles for success

The successful approach to motivating intrinsic behaviours is to deploy the following approach:

  1. Challenge – invite your audience to take up a challenge that is tailored to their interests and that encourages their participation
  2. Achieve – provide fast and frequent feedback on their progress and confirm completion of the challenge, in a way that recognises their accomplishment and enables them to share
  3. Reward – reward your audience in addition to the intrinsic reward they receive in completing the challenge by ‘unlocking’ an additional challenge (also a reward) that sets the cycle in motion again

Game Mechanics

3radical has an extensive set of game mechanics available for easy customisation.

We have:

  • 54 fun-orientated activity mechanics
  • 13 achievement types
  • 30 reward types, both symbolic and real-world
  • 5 approaches to audience journey orchestration
  • Team engagement mechanic

Benefits of gamification

Gamification is transforming how organisations engage with their audiences, both internally and externally. This is providing opportunities to motivate ongoing engagement, to extend and deepen relationships and to build enhanced levels of loyalty.

It is successful, as it plays to the motivations and interests that exist in all of us as human beings, by delivering intrinsic rewards created by the experience of participation. It represents the future of audience engagement and it is available now through 3radical.

Customer success examples

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