The CxO Report: The Road to Customerization

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The customer landscape has changed radically, is still in the midst of radical change, and will continue to change more radically over the near and medium term. You can hear it in the conversations with C-level executives. You can see it in the business press headlines. The legislative environment is being upended. The technological advancements are outpacing brands’ abilities to leverage them. And maybe, most importantly, consumers’ expectations –their demands – are completely re-weighting and re-writing the rules of engagement.

The CxO Report: The Road to Customerization is an instructive overview of how stakeholders – the companies and the individual leaders within them – are navigating the new customer landscape. In this first edition we hear from 3radical’s CEO David Eldridge, and other C-level executives, on topics ranging from data & privacy to personalization & trust with commentary – and advice – from people who have first-hand experience designing and building the pathways to align with their customers’ demands.

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