QuickStart Gamification for Marketers

Created by the experts in game science, 3radical is introducing an easy to implement starter package which will allow companies to implement gamification quickly and efficiently, delivering value rapidly.

Take advantage of our QuickStart Gamification for Marketers solution to increase engagement, data acquisition, conversions and win back, and improve customer retention and loyalty.


What's in it for me?

Gamification allows you to cut through the ‘noise’, making interaction fun and rewarding whilst driving deeper repeat engagement and differentiating you from your competitors. So, why the QuickStart Gamification package:

  • Tried, tested and award winning in customer engagement
  • In a matter of days you can give visitors and customers a compelling reason to willingly provide their details, sign up to future marketing communications – and recognise them when they come back
  • Easily personalise your messaging, creating a conversational feeling which drives deeper engagement 
  • Engage customers now to keep them engaged in the longer term
  • Keep your team doing what they do best; you don’t need to do this in house – it’s provided by the experts

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Special time limited offer to get started

For just £9,995 / S$ 14,995 you can have a campaign built, deployed and running live for 3 months.

This includes:

  • Learning from the experts what works best in which scenario with our serviced solution
  • Choosing from 50+ mechanics, 30+ rewards, and 13 achievement tools, providing multiple reasons to engage 
  • Once created you can re-skin and apply to other brands quickly and easily – the same game or a different one
  • Be reactive and proactive – anticipate and respond to events 
  • Fast and simple integration into brand estate, CRM, player databases and reward engines
  • Apply different rules and weightings to prizes and rewards
  • Deliver different journeys and content to different people, customers and segments. Create a truly unique and personalised user experience


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