Bella Italia gets festive with the help of 3radical Voco

/ 3 December 2019

Feeling festive? Bella Italia launches ‘Santa Run’ for the Christmas period using the 3radical Voco audience engagement platform

One of the most popular casual dining restaurants in the UK, Bella Italia, have launched its Santa Run game, created using the award winning audience engagement platform, 3radical Voco.   

Bella Italia wanted to give its customers a fun, interactive, Christmas themed game that would engage and reward players with gift cards, afternoon tea, pizza making parties, and even prize draw entries for a Christmas party for six. In return for this experience, customers would learn more about Bella Italia and also provide self reported data about themselves to help Bella better communicate with and serve them going forward.

The 3radical Voco platform allows companies to easily create immersive, compelling and rewarding experiences themselves that consistently increase engagement, first party data collection and brand loyalty. Bella have used Voco for multiple campaigns in the past, however for their 2019 Christmas campaign, Bella Italia used Voco to configure a game from the wide range of game mechanics, engagement tactics and rewards available in Voco, designed to excite, motivate participation and increase self reported data acquisition. 

Bella Italia have already seen incredible results. Within hours of pushing the campaign through email and on restaurant table talkers, thousands of subscribers offered up additional first party data, further enriching the Bella Italia database. Additionally Bella Italia saw a steady increase of new uses and subscribers. It is expected that many more of Bella Italia’s customers will provide increasing amounts of self reported data as they repeatedly play throughout the festive season, leading to entertained and rewarded customers, with whom the Casual Dining Group can engage further when the festive period is over.

Melanie Mack, Head of Digital at Casual Dining Group said “Bella Italia customers are really enjoying Santa Run, they’re having fun, engaging with the brand and we’re finding out more about them along the way. Our in-house team developed this campaign with 3radical using their Voco platform, which we’re using for more and more customer engagement campaigns across Casual Dining Group.”

David Eldridge, CEO of 3radical added, “Bella Italia is one of the most popular family restaurants around and we were delighted they used the 3radical Voco platform to deliver the ‘Santa Run’ game. They are a brilliant client to work with, and it is great to see innovative companies like Bella Italia are using our platform for data enrichment and engagement”.

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