3radical Wins New Client FKA Brands’ HoMedics

/ 16 June 2020

3radical Wins Contract to Help FKA Brands’ HoMedics Engage Customers Based on Earned Data Strategy
Momentum rapidly building as businesses put data directly earned from their customers at the center of their marketing strategies

Chicago, IL (June 16, 2020)3radical, developer of the Voco audience engagement platform, today announced the signing of its newest US client, HoMedics, a world leader in personal in-home wellness products. Using Voco technology, 3radical will implement a series of tailored digital experiences, offering HoMedics the ability to deliver enhanced, bespoke experiences to their consumers over time, based on the acquisition of ‘earned data’.

By executing mutually-beneficial value exchanges, 3radical is enabling HoMedics to increase consumer lifetime value using proven gamification mechanics that develop a profile of fully permissioned data for each participating consumer.  While learning about their consumers’ needs, preferences, and motivations, HoMedics aims to create experiences that include tailored content and purchase recommendations served up in snackable amounts at the right time, improving a consumer’s ability to get just what they need, when they need it.

“HoMedics is looking to learn more about our consumers in an organic and authentic way that enables us to create personalized experiences so that we can empower them with the right knowledge and products to live a little healthier every day,” said Marc Rosenstock, Head of Marketing and eCommerce, FKA Brands. “By partnering with 3radical and introducing compelling digital experiences and value exchanges in return for data and engagement, we’re able to drive conversion, improve lifetime value, and drive advocacy for HoMedics.”

Utilizing its Radical Network of collaborative consultants, alongside its award winning Customer Success Team, 3radical is bringing the benefits of dynamic strategic services, operational expertise, and its Voco audience engagement technology together to develop highly relevant customer experiences, delivered at scale for HoMedics. These aligned interactions will earn data and engagement by:

  • Extending connections past the initial transaction
  • Broadening acquisition reach with low-cost referral programs to highly targeted audiences
  • Encouraging a core group of inactive customers with “instant win” incentives to reactivate

“We’re delighted to be able to help  HoMedics put accurate, explicitly permissioned, directly provided data at the heart of their marketing strategy,” says David Eldridge, CEO at 3radical.  “We’re seeing a seismic shift in this area, as consumer sentiment and legislation increasingly limits other types of data available to brands. Forward looking marketers grasp the opportunity to collaborate with consumers on the use of their data, building trust as they go.”

To learn more about capturing earned data through mutually-beneficial value exchanges via the Voco audience engagement platform, please visit 3radical.com.

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About HoMedics
As the innovative leader in self-care, wellness, and personal health products, FKA Brands’ HoMedics strives to provide products that promote overall well-being. Its extensive line of personal wellness products allows you to protect your health, relax your body, renew your spirit and enhance your life. For products and information, visit https://www.homedics.com.

About 3radical
3radical allows individuals to interact with organizations on their own terms. Voco’s real-time decisioning engine is able to combine game science theory, data accumulated from billions of interactions, and real-time self-reported data, resulting in the optimum blend of interactive content, rewards incentives and channel for each engagement. The self-reported data is willingly and transparently provided in return for a value exchange, and can be used to improve the relationship of the individual with the organization across all channels, and by informing product and service development.

3radical sells its solutions globally through offices in the United Kingdom, North America, and Singapore.


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