3radical Wins Contract with Giving Assistant

/ 4 August 2020

3radical Wins Contract with Giving Assistant

Front-end solution to better educate audiences and expedite preferred behavior

Chicago, IL (June 16, 2020)3radical, developer of the Voco audience engagement platform, today announced the signing of its newest U.S. client, Giving Assistant, a mission-driven organization that transforms everyday shopping into charitable action by removing the friction between saving and giving back. Using Voco technology, 3radical will deliver informative user experiences that seamlessly align with shopper preferences and earn data from individuals in order to better serve them going forward.

Giving Assistant was looking for a solution to help them better educate their audience, build trust between their shoppers, brands, and non-profits, and earn data in order to develop a substantially more meaningful relationship at the beginning of their audience’s journey. By leveraging 3radicals gamification mechanics and orchestration capability, Giving Assistant can offer their shoppers rewards, for example, for learning about their vision and how shoppers can help join in their purpose of sustainable giving. The unique journeys are based on consumer-defined value exchanges and give shoppers increased opportunities to save and earn more cash back options. This goes beyond simply providing savings codes and focuses on what is most valuable to Giving Assistant shoppers at the individual level.

“3radical provides Giving Assistant the ability to create sticky content that piques the curiosity of our audience,” said Kaitlyn Rikkers, Head of Marketing and Growth, Giving Assistant. “By developing a rewarding, transparent user experience, we are able to foster greater customer connectivity, higher degrees of consented consumer data and preference collection, and increased lifetime value.”

David Eldridge, CEO at 3radical, added: “Consumers are willing to share their data as long as organization earn it and then use it in a transparent and trustworthy way to to add value to their day-to day lives. We are delighted that Giving Assistant have selected 3radical Voco to create and deliver compelling digital experiences that build trust and earn data at scale.”

To learn more about capturing earned data through mutually-beneficial value exchanges via the Voco audience engagement platform, please visit 3radical.com.

About Giving Assistant

Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corp, mission-driven organization with a goal to transform everyday shopping into charitable action via their shopping rewards platform making it easy for shoppers to both save money and give back for free. Based in San Francisco, CA, Giving Assistant is a for-profit company working to have a positive social impact across the globe. They provide cashback and coupon codes for over 3,000 online brands and then give shoppers the opportunity to donate all, or a portion, of their cashback earnings to any one of 1.2 million 501(c)3 non-profit and charitable organizations in the U.S. For non-profit organizations, Giving Assistant provides a more consistent, long-term model to increase donor engagement and donations by employing the power and reliability of e-commerce. For more information, please go to www.givingassistant.org 

About 3radical

3radical allows individuals to interact with organizations on their own terms. Voco’s real-time decisioning engine is able to combine game science theory, data accumulated from billions of interactions, and real-time self-reported data, resulting in the optimum blend of interactive content, rewards incentives and channel for each engagement. The self-reported data is willingly and transparently provided in return for a value exchange, and can be used to improve the relationship of the individual with the organization across all channels, and by informing product and service development.

3radical provides solutions globally with offices in the United Kingdom, North America, and Singapore.


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