3radical and Blueberry Wave Announce Partnership

/ 29 September 2020

3radical and Blueberry Wave Partner to Bring Engagement Innovations to Clients

Bristol, UK (Sept 29 2020)3radical, the leader in audience engagement and earned data solutions, today announced a new partnership with Blueberry Wave, an award winning, data-powered, customer engagement business.

Blueberry Wave, an HH Global company, has teamed up with 3radical to answer the need for providing alternative and innovative ways for their clients to connect with consumers – engaging with them and earning their data as brands put directly and transparently earned data at the centre of their data strategy.

The 3radical Voco audience engagement platform will enable Blueberry Wave to provide a wide range of new and engaging interactive digital experiences for brands and their consumers, built using the latest motivational and game science mechanics. These experiences encourage consumers to share their data, preferences, and further information based on transparent, mutually beneficial value exchanges.

“Our brand clients recognise that data is at the heart of their ability to serve their customers and now, more than ever, we need to be looking at new and engaging ways to earn directly provided data through engaging brand experiences for consumers. 3radical’s Voco platform gives us the opportunity to orchestrate incredibly compelling experiences for our clients that build trust, provide a value exchange to the consumer and earn data” said Neil Evans, CEO, Blueberry Wave, an HH Global company “In 3radical we have found a team and technology at the forefront of enabling brands to earn their own data and which offer the combination of experience, capability and scale in a simple, yet comprehensive way. As we continue to increase our digital marketing services offerings, we are confident, 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform will extend the value we bring to our clients.”

Michael D. Fisher, CEO at 3radical, added: “Ethical data capture, collection, and utilization is at the forefront of many brands’ data strategies. The partnership between 3radical and Blueberry Wave addresses the needs of an ever-changing consumer climate by bringing together best-in-class marketing engagement services and technology to deliver powerful and connected experiences with the earning of their customers’ data serving as that foundation.”

To learn more about capturing earned data through mutually-beneficial value exchanges via 3radical’s Voco audience engagement platform, please visit 3radical.com.

About Blueberry Wave
Blueberry Wave, an HH Global company, is an award-winning customer engagement business that makes the complex simple so clients can succeed. We unify data, insight, and technology to orchestrate compelling customer engagement journeys with our 58 strong team of Blueberries based in Cirencester and Knightsbridge, London. For more information, visit www.blueberrywave.com

About HH Global
HH Global Ltd., founded in 1991, is a leading, independent marketing execution partner to prominent brands in 44 countries. The company offers innovative and tailored solutions for the outsourced procurement of all types of printed marketing materials and creative production services, that drive down cost, speed time to market, improve quality, and increase sustainability. Every HH Global solution utilises HHub, a best-in-class marketing execution application, an expansive list of suppliers, proprietary processes, and the deep expertise of over 1000 employees. The company also operates HH Labs, the center of its innovation program, that brings fresh, new ideas to clients. With more than $500M in spend under management, HH Global maintains a razor-sharp focus on cost and quality, combined with an industry-leading sustainability program, offering improvements that provide both fiscal and environmental value. For more information, visit www.hhglobal.com

About 3radical

3radical allows individuals to interact with organizations on their own terms. Voco’s real-time decisioning engine is able to combine game science theory, data accumulated from billions of interactions, and immediate self-reported data, resulting in the optimum blend of interactive content, rewards incentives and channel for each engagement. The permissioned-based, earned data is willingly and transparently provided in return for a mutual value exchange, and can be used to improve the relationship of the individual with the organization across all channels, and by informing product and service development.

3radical provides solutions globally with offices in the United Kingdom, North America, and Singapore.


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