Understand modern employees and how to engage them effectively

/ 17 March 2017

South East Asia and Australia: Tuesday 11th April – 1pm SGT / 3pm AEST

Understand modern employees and how to engage them effectively

87% of employees are unengaged at work, resulting in low employee productivity, high absenteeism, high staff turnover and ultimately lower business performance. This reducing level of employee engagement is due to the growing disconnect between how many organisations operate and the needs of their growing modern workforce.

In this webinar, we welcome back Adam Henderson from Millennial Mindset who will take a look at how the way many of us work is no longer suitable for the modern world we live in. He’ll also discuss why the old paradigms of working that are still prevalent in many organisations need to be addressed if employees are to feel engaged and employers are to remain relevant for the modern marketplace.

During this session, Adam will also explain how the change in employee behaviour is due to the rapid development of technology, which has affected how we communicate, where and how we can work, how we learn, how we engage with each other and ultimately how we live our daily lives. We will then share some real life examples of how businesses are embracing the latest innovations in employee engagement that are changing how they operate and dramatically improving their performance as a result.

Attendees will also receive a copy of our new Little Book of Employee Engagement. If you can’t make it on the day we will send you a link to the recording and book.

About Adam Henderson:
After working in marketing for almost a decade, Adam has been on the front line of the digital transformation of some of the world’s biggest brands including Jaguar Land Rover, Associated Press, and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Building on his vast experience of helping brands understand changing consumer behaviour, today Adam helps leading companies understanding modern employees and their millennial mind-set. He helps organisations educate their leaders on the need for change, and ultimately helps them adopt new ways of working to become more relevant to changing needs of modern employees.

Since launching Millennial Mindset Adam has quickly become a leading authority on understanding modern employees with his work being referenced as a key source in Deloitte’s 2016 Millennial survey. He is also regularly asked to appear as a keynote speaker at a number of global events and industry conferences.

You can find Adam on LinkedIn.

About Millenial Mindset:
Millennial Mindset is dedicated to helping businesses understand millennial employees and new ways of working. It is created and run by Adam Henderson, who holds a vision to help both employers and employees be more relevant for a 21st century career.


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