Shifting the focus from player acquisition to player retention

Acquisition strategies are not as successful as they used to be. Discover why operators are moving to focus on innovative retention strategies. 

Acquiring new players is expensive and difficult to do. Operators must navigate the UK Gambling Commission and the Advertising Standards Authority regulations whilst operating in a very crowded market. 

The cost per acquisition in online gaming continues to increase, leading companies to start looking for innovative ways to keep players happy and returning to their site. “If you do acquire a new customer you’ve paid for that acquisition, so you want to keep them on your site and playing” says Kim Eaglestone, formerly Head of Operations at GVC Group.  

However, retention strategies are not easy, and the majority of companies don’t get it right. So, how do you retain players in such a competitive market? How do you create brand loyalty when your players have so many options? 

Download the 3radical Gaming Industry Report to discover what the experts had to say about retention and loyalty and the reasons why the industry is moving from an acquisition focus to retention strategies.

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