Employee Engagement Solution

Using it’s powerful real time platform, Voco, 3radical has developed configurable solutions for each stage of the employee journey, with each solution based on the employee engagement drivers and designed to Enable, Guide, Develop and Connect employees. You can use one or all parts of the 3radical Employee Engagement platform to dramatically improve your Employee Engagement and realise significant business benefits.

01: Recruitment Solution

Getting the right team members is increasingly competitive in many markets. How does an organisation not just find the talented individuals that are right, but help them understand about the organisation, how they will contribute and why they should join? Click below to find out more.

02: Induction & On-Boarding Solution

The induction phase of the employee journey is critical, and involves all of the employee engagement drivers to be successful. Here employees must be enabled with the information and tools they need to be effective and efficient and guided to be in line with the organisations culture and business practices. Click below to find out more.

03: Team Building & Motivation Solution

Team building is key – especially in disparate organisations – to enabling, guiding, connecting and developing employees. 3radical’s Team Building solution easily enable organisations to create interactive experiences that bring together team members, share information with the right people at the right time, prepare employees, share knowledge and bring together skill sets. They also enable individuals or groups to be rewarded for their engagement with a range of mechanics like points and prizes. Click below to find out more.

04: Development & Feedback Solution

Ensuring your employees keep learning and achieve their full potential will not only increase their own motivation and lead to higher levels of retention, it also results in a distinct competitive advantage over your competitors who fail to invest in their teams. Also, by receiving feedback to understand your employees, how engaged they are, how empowered they are, where you need to take action to Enable, Guide, develop and Connect them, is critical to your success. Click below to find out more about how 3radical’s development and feedback solution can help you.

05: Role Change Solution

Changing roles can be very daunting and stressful for many employees and can be hugely disruptive for employers too if it is not managed effectively. The issue is that there are many moving parts with lots of information to share, lots of processes to manage and handing over of work effectively. Click below to find out more about 3radical’s Role Change solution and how it can make changing roles a seamless experience.

Employees experience an evolving journey

An employee’s journey is never static. Whether they are forging new relationships with team members, receiving feedback, undergoing training to improve their performance or working towards a role change or promotion, they are always on a journey that needs to be managed. 3radical’s Employee Engagement Platform makes it easy for organisations to plan all aspects of an employee journey allowing them to move back and forth between each solution as required and not simply following a linear path. This approach makes 3radical’s Employee Engagement platform truly interactive and personal which dramatically increases your Employee Engagement and organisational performance.

3radical toolkit: Making interactive Employee Engagement easy

To help you make the most of the 3radical Employee Engagement platform, we provide you with a range of tools that range from templates and proven processes that you can easily adapt to suit your needs. We also provide you with all the support you need to make the 3radical platform a success and dramatically improve your Employee Engagement.

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