Talent Recuitment


Many organisations face an environment where the competition for recruiting the very best talent is becoming increasingly digital – our client was no different.

They wanted to use the very latest technologies to better engage with potential graduate recruits.

In this way they were seeking to:

  • Attract the right talent
  • Ensure that the individuals they connected with fully understood the great employee value proposition on offer
  • Remain engaged throughout the entire recruitment process


The 3radical Voco platform was used to create a mobile optimised website that motivated desired graduates to engage by combining video, other multimedia content, interactive quizzes and rewards.

The resulting experience enabled potential recruits to take their own individual journey to discover more about the company as a potential employee and to see the clear value exchange in doing so.

This digital engagement was seamlessly brought together with real-world contact to create a fully integrated and consistent engagement experience across the entire recruitment process.


  • Recruitment

    An increased number of potential candidates were engaged.

    These candidates were more informed about the company.

    Candidates developed a stronger emotional connection with the organisation.

    A greater level of information was captured about the candidates.

    More candidates considered offers from the company.

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