National Australia Bank Increases Digital Adoption


National Australia Bank (NAB) invests heavily in its digital transformation journey to create innovative digital solutions for customers and is using new technology to fundamentally change how they attract, retain, and engage with customers to create better relationships and provide more value.

NAB’s goal is to engage its employees to drive awareness, advocacy, and adoption of all things digital at the Bank, namely:

Increase awareness of the Bank’s digital offerings, including features and benefits

Promote advocacy of the Bank’s digital offerings

Drive adoption of the Bank’s digital offerings


NAB’s Digital Adoption team worked with 3radical to produce its Digifit program, which encourages employees to embrace digital initiatives informing and engaging them with the content necessary to support NAB customers in migrating from physical transactions to digital channels.

Through the 3radical Voco platform, the Digifit program creates a personalised interactive training journey which shares knowledge, and raises awareness of NAB’s digital offerings to all employees and gets them to engage with that content more than traditional approaches by using gamification.

NAB employees are challenged to engage with bite-sized content comprised of interactive videos, customer scenarios, and follow-up assessments. All of which themed around its digital offerings and best practices to build the confidence of employees and encourage them to converse with customers about the Bank’s digital offerings.

Engaging with the Digifit program rewards employees with points to improve their standings on leaderboards, badges in their own personalised Achievement Wall, and entries into a prize draw.


  • Awareness

    The Digifit program experienced a 96% completion rate

  • Advocacy

    Increase in digital advocates across the business

  • Adoption

    Reduction in physical over-the-counter transactions

    Increase in customers’ usage of the Bank’s digital offerings

Our executives were so interested that some of them actually completed the training. Our bankers gave us feedback that it was really engaging and helpful, and that the whole experience was just so different from anything else done before.

Claire Righetti, Head of Digital Adoption,

National Australia Bank

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