Digital Transformation


Many financial institutions are implementing new digital technologies, which will fundamentally change how they attract and retain customers.

In order to take full advantage of the potential for these digital technologies, they need to rethink how they currently train and deploy their frontline employees.

The challenge was how to disseminate knowledge and to raise awareness of these digital products and services for all their employees during their busy working day. They wanted all employees to:

  • Be aware of what “Digital” is and what their digital channels are.
  • Adopt and promote digital channels across the business
  • Be comfortable talking about their digital channels, including features and benefits to all customers

The key outcome was to ensure adoption by all employees in order to help customers migrate from over the counter (OTC) transactions to digital channels.


A Board Game experience concept was designed by 3radical to engage employees over a 3 week period. This was followed up with an e-learning experience that served to test and re-affirm knowledge in the wake of traditional speaker presentations and e-learning modules.

The solution was designed to address the common challenge that many organisations have that much of what employees learn on training sessions is quickly lost, if not adopted.

The solution provided a fun, engaging experience that employees wanted to take part in providing a true value exchange for employees (who were asked to spend a spare 15 minutes per day in the experience).

The engagement experience was deployed on a responsive mobile website, that employees accessed  from emails and internal intranet sites. Being mobile, it provided flexibility allowing employees to access the solution at their convenience via mobile or desktop devices.

The experience encompassed 3 different board games and more than 150 bite sized ‘mindset’ challenges offered up in a variety of multimedia formats. The solution also included individual achievement walls to track progress and leaderboards to instil competition.


  • Productivity

    In excess of 80% (often 90%) of employees choose to take part in the game experience.

    50% of employees  had logged in and taken part in the experience by Day 3 programme.

    50% of employees remained active through weeks 2 and 3 of the programme (active user = user who plays the game at least once in a 2-day period).

  • Connected Workforce

    900 employees engaged over a 3-month period.

    19,000 mindset challenges have been completed with on average each employee undertaking 20 mindset challenges during the programme.

    On average, employees visited the solution on 5 days, rising to an average of 8 visits towards the end of the 15-day programme.

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