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DBS was seeking to improve customer experience by bringing together 1,500 customer-facing Vice Presidents (VPs) but felt that a full day conference would be both costly and ineffective. The bank needed to find a way to address two key challenges:

Connectivity: Increasing complexity in work processes and procedures resulting in DBS VPs being less connected to DBS’s core purpose and helping the VPs understand how their work directly relates to business objectives.

Communication: Employees are becoming increasingly distributed and the level of communication has exploded exponentially within the hierarchical organisation resulting in DBS VPs feeling a sense of powerlessness and lack of influence at work.


DBS partnered with 3radical to produce a first-ever 5 day DBS Virtual Conference for the DBS VPs, that was:

Accessible: hosted on a web portal, and optimised on smartphone, tablet, and desktop/laptop devices.

Timely: VPs participated in short and continuous engagement periods at an average of 5 minutes daily across the 5 day conference, at their own time and convenience.

Quality: informative, interesting, and relevant content about the DBS vision, DBS strategic priorities and employee empowerment, was presented in the form of videos and quizzes.

Gamification: game design elements helped teach, engage, incentivise and motivate VPs’ behaviour using points, competitions and prizes. Different content was unlocked daily to promote continuous engagement.

Interpersonal Communication: an open avenue was provided for the VPs to directly communicate and better engage with colleagues and peers by asking questions, making suggestions, contributing ideas, sharing stories, providing feedback etc.


  • Productivity

    The DBS Virtual Conference achieved a 70.5% attendance rate.

    Overall 95% logged in more than once, 83% completed at least 1 activity, 72% of visits were from mobile devices.

    An average user logged in 6 times, spent 5.6 mins per visit, loaded 5.5 pages per visit.

  • Connected Workforce

    Total engagement: 161,995 points awarded, 33,995 page views, 5,338 video viewings, 605 video comments, 916 video comment LIKES, 1323 quiz attempts.

    429 suggestions and 204 LIKES on DBS social and mobile channels improvements.

    436 suggestions and 234 LIKES on DBS customer experience improvements.

    225 stories and 20 LIKES on empowerment challenges faced by DBS VPs.

    274 empowerment themed haiku competition entries and 612 empowerment themed haiku LIKES.

    140 comments from the DBS VPs, 50 replies from the DBS Singapore Country Head and 20 replies from the DBS Singapore Management Committee.

"A really innovative way to engage so many people at one go."

Piyush Gupta, Chief Executive Officer and Director,

DBS Bank Asia

Many people wrote to me they felt encouraged that senior management was listening to them and hearing them out.

Sim S Lim, DBS Singapore Country Head ,

DBS Bank Asia

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