DBS Conference


DBS were holding its 2-day annual leadership conference with its 450 Senior Vice Presidents. The bank sought to improve engagement through the following:

Delivering a fun, memorable, and interactive event that actively motivated participation and engagement from all 450 SVPs.

Ensuring that all 450 SVPs achieved a clear understanding of the bank’s vision, values and strategic priorities.

Promoting teamwork by conducting team building activities for all 450 SVPs within the confines of the conference room.

Involving the active participation and contribution of all 450 SVPs in any of the conference discussions.


DBS worked with 3radical to create a digital companion to be used during the conference, using an inter-galactic space travel theme titled: Battle of Champions. This Web Portal Companion was designed to encourage the SVPs to participate and increase engagement throughout the conference. Battle of Champions was:

Accessible: optimised on mobile smartphone, tablet and desktop/laptop for SVPs to engage with.

Quality: informative, interesting, and relevant content about DBS visions, values and strategic priorities was created and presented in the form of videos and quizzes for easy learning and assessment.

Timely: different content was unlocked in accordance with the Conference agenda and schedule so as to engage the SVPs continuously over the 2-day period.

Gamification: game design elements were used to teach, engage, incentivise and motivate SVPs’ behaviour using points, competitions and prizes through activities spread across both days.

Interpersonal Communication: allowing all SVPs to be actively involved and to directly communicate with the DBS CEO, peers and colleagues by raising issues, asking questions, voting on questions to increase priority of it being answered, and giving feedback on the Conference.


  • Connected Workforce

    540 video viewings, 215 video comments.

    All 56 teams submitted song lyrics, 329 votes on song lyrics.

    7,875 game plays.

    3,275 quiz attempts.

    315 questions asked, 5,356 votes on questions.

    118 provided feedback.

  • Productivity

    An average user viewed the video at least once, played all game levels (with an average of at least 3 times per level), attempted all 3 quizzes (each quiz at least twice), and voted on 11 questions to be answered.

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