Transforming B2B audience behaviour while gathering previously uncapturable consented data


5,300 Unique Data Points Captured

10% Increase in Sales

20% Increase in Engagement

Essilor®, the world’s leading ophthalmic lens manufacturer wanted to incentivise independent eyecare professionals to understand their lenses better and recommend them to their patients. To support changing eye care professionals’ (ECPs) dispensing behaviour, Essilor selected 3radical to deploy a digitised promotional experience that fostered engagement through vouchers, scratch cards, surveys, and rewards across Essilor lens brands: Transitions® lenses, Varilux®, and Eyezen®.

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Promotional campaigns for Essilor are generally time consuming to execute, increasingly less effective, and there are operational challenges in running them. Essilor wanted to change their approach from hardcopy to digital to create an easy to use format for their customers, i.e. ECPs, that were also less of an overhead to run and manage for the Essilor Product Marketing team.

To that, Essilor had three main objectives:

  1. Incentivise specific lens purchases (Transitions lenses, Eyezen, Varilux)
  2. Capture research data on branches to support the sales team
  3. Route ECPs through to training to learn more about the lenses or to Essilor website


ECPs received a voucher for every pair of lenses they recommended and dispensed to patients. This voucher led ECPs to a gamified micro-site, fully branded for the specific lens promotion and deployed by 3radical. From there they were able to play a digital scratch card, giving them the opportunity to win an Amazon gift card or entries into a grand prize holiday draw. Additionally, ECPs had the opportunity to win more prize draw entries by completing surveys, which focused on equipment, knowledge, product reception, priorities, and type of end clients. Furthermore, ECPs were offered links to “training”, as well as information via the Essilor website.

This previously uncapturable data was then tied back to Essilor’s CRM system and made available to Sales and Marketing in order to provide the best future service to these ECPs.


  • Switch to Digital Strategy

    All of the campaigns across all brands have driven high engagement and increased the purchase of the specific lenses, showing the switch from a hardcopy to digital strategy was an unequivocal success.

  • Sales

    10% Increase in sales for the lens brands.
    In addition, when comparing the first campaign to the second, engagement improved as the ECPs became more familiar with the experience.

  • Engagement

    20% Increase in number of ECPs that engaged
    37% Increase in average number of visits per day
    19% Increase in scratch cards played

  • Valuable Data

    In total, in the most recent campaign, the game was played over 25,850 times by 1,197 unique individuals and created more than 5,300 previously uncapturable research data points. Interestingly, the experience also revealed the number of survey questions answered increased when either number of plays or days played increased – a finding that will be used to optimise the program in 2023.

Working with 3radical has enabled us to migrate traditional paper based campaigns to engaging and interactive digital campaigns. This has improved efficiency in delivering them and their effectiveness. Furthermore, it has opened up the opportunity to gain more value for Essilor through earned data and connecting our ECPs with training and other relevant content.

Elliott Millard,

Transitions & Eyezen Product and Category Manager North Europe

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