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As the UK’s third largest online bingo and casino operator, Stride Gaming are always looking for ways to drive further growth by introducing new products.

Delivering against such ambitious growth targets requires an organisation to be highly adept at both acquiring new customers and retaining their existing player base.

Typically, gaming operators address these challenges by providing consumers with a compelling reason to keep coming to their sites, rather than their competitors’.

This usually means devoting significant time and effort towards creating new innovations, such as ‘daily play’ mechanics. These are simple games that drive engagement by providing players with the chance to unlock a daily reward.

When 3radical first spoke to Stride Gaming, they were already considering how to develop some in-house. But with other strategic projects such as new brands and ‘pay to play’ games already in development, they were struggling to schedule the required work.

Could the 3radical Voco platform help Stride Gaming find a shortcut and, in turn, help drive up revenue faster?


Having agreed to partner with 3radical, Stride Gaming initially chose to implement the 3radical Voco platform across five brands – Kitty Bingo, Magical Vegas, Lucky Pants Bingo, Aspers Online and Spin and Win.

The platform contains a range of ‘daily play’ options that brands can quickly select, customise and deploy into existing websites and mobile apps – so the next decision was to pick which games they wanted to launch first.

To provide players with a sense of daily progression (giving them reason to engage more regularly), Stride Gaming decided to start with 3radical’s ‘Board Game’. This easy to play game entices customers to play on a daily basis in order to move around a board and collect sets of tokens. This unlocks various rewards, including free spins and bingo cards, while reducing the reliance purely offering bonuses.

Working with Stride Gaming’s retention team, the board game variant was uniquely branded to seamlessly match the tone of voice, look and feel of each of their sites.

By also using the Voco’s RTEP (real-time event processing) capability, Stride Gaming was able to configure each game to include initial wagering eligibility criteria (e.g. ‘Wager £10 to Play’) as well as defining further optional daily wagering thresholds that allow players to unlock further dice rolls in the game.

This can be extended further by also giving players specific challenges relating to depositing and cross-gameplay, as well as incentivising first party data capture, social content sharing and generating peer-led referrals.


We had a lot of great ideas for daily play mechanics, but no time or resources to build them. Thanks to 3radical’s platform, we have now launched some fantastic new games, which have boosted revenues, fostered greater loyalty from our players and helped us welcome back lapsed customers.

Stride Gaming

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