Driving web traffic, readership, and consumer data capture with 20 Days of Games.

Mediacorp selected 3radical’s Voco gamification software to increase repeat play that mimicked the customer journey, drive web traffic, game participation, and consumer data capture in support of the 20th anniversary of TODAY, their fully digital, mobile first newsroom. 3radical’s strategic engagement solutions provided a mutually beneficial environment motivating Mediacorp’s readers to interact with the brand in a more connected capacity.

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There are many challenges content creators face, and whilst Mediacorp reaches 98% of Singaporeans in multiple languages, it is still incredibly difficult to meet the constantly changing needs of consumers, earn their engagement, and get a better understanding of each reader.

In support of the 20th anniversary of TODAY, Mediacorp, Singapore’s national media network and largest content creator, was seeking to drive new millennial users who enjoy a challenge and being intellectually stimulated to the website, as well its existing users. Additionally, TODAY could utilize this opportunity to better understand evolving readership preferences at a granular level.

Whilst Mediacorp and TODAY Online wanted to celebrate its 20th anniversary market penetration wasn’t as high as they would like. To attract new audiences to the site and to help build TODAY Online as ‘the’ mainstream media of choice for millennials, a fun short campaign specifically designed to drive new users to the site, increase awareness and encourage repeat engagement over 20 days to inculcate a habit among new audiences.


Mediacorp selected 3radical’s Voco software as the best fit to tackle these challenges. To meet Mediacorp’s requirements a 4-week gamified campaign on the Today Online website was launched in the second week of November. Users were invited to play a different game each week, with game play available from Monday to Friday 3 times a day. The games selected included Sudoku, Word Search, Trivia Quiz and Pairs Matching.

To encourage new users to the site the campaign was open to the public, and promoted through TODAY Online’s social channels. The first 20 winners from each day residing in Singapore were sent redemption codes for prize vouchers.

The 3radical team worked closely with Mediacorp to hit set milestones, monitor game plays and voucher redemptions, trigger promotional emails in a timely fashion, and successfully capture user details of the game winners.


  • Self-permissioned Data

    All unique users willingly provided their personal email address in a value exchange, with 24% of these winners providing additional data for prize redemption details. 

  • Valuable Insights

    Based on the data provided Mediacorp can use the data collected to engage on a more personal level with their readers in the future. 

  • Repeat Engagement

    63.77% of users played at least one game, and almost half of those users came back to play two or more games. 

  • Behavioral Insights

    Mediacorp now have behavioral insights in terms of when their users prefer to interact and what games saw greater engagement.

I enjoyed working with the team as they did everything to ensure that the campaign ran smoothly. Reports were churned out daily in a timely fashion. They also helped with optimizing the campaign along the way so that we can better achieve our objectives.

Stephanie Ye, Marketing Manager,


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