Matalan Reward Card


As a ‘clicks and bricks’ retailer operating in a highly competitive space, Matalan is always looking out for innovative ways to engage with its Reward Card holders to drive brand awareness and footfall into stores.

In the past, Matalan has used standard email/mobile push campaigns to deliver seasonal offers and discount vouchers, but was only managing a click through rate of around 1.5%. The retailer needed to find a new way of attracting the attention of its key Reward Card holders.


The 3radical Voco platform experience was embedded into the Matalan mobile app to promote ‘Holiday Shopping’ at Matalan.

It included a wheel of fortune game that asked consumers to visit the ‘Holiday Shop Range’ on the Matalan website, or watch the latest edition of ‘The Show’ (Matalan’s YouTube channel hosted by Denise van Outen).

Repeat engagement was encouraged by incentivising consumers to undertake other tasks, such as referring friends into the game or following Matalan on Twitter etc.


  • Inviting Engagement

    Distributed goal of  250,000 vouchers before the end of the campaign.

    Distributed 87% of an additional 100,000 voucher ‘stretch goal’.

    Increased click-through rate from 1.5% to 7% (more than 4x higher).

  • Being Memorable

    47,000 people completed the ‘Survey’ providing campaign feedback.

    17,000 people shared the game to either Twitter or Facebook.

    Over 110,000 views of the ‘Holiday Shop’ content items, which pushed traffic to the main Matalan website and YouTube channel.

  • Motivating Purchase

    80% of consumers saying the prizes encouraged them to visit Matalan online or offline.

  • Empowering Advocacy

    87% of respondents said the game was engaging.

    96% said the game was easy to understand and play.

We wanted to test a different way of getting engagement from our Matalan Reward Card holders and the campaign from 3radical made it a fun and dynamic experience for our members resulting in great levels of engagement, as opposed to simply sending out discount vouchers.

Lyndsey Swann, Head of Customer Lifecycle,


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