Increasing Sustainability Awareness on the Journey to Net Zero


400+ Surveys Completed

70% of Colleagues Engaged

90% of Visitors Viewed All Content

Saint-Gobain’s specialist distributor brands, Minster and Jewson Civils Frazer, have their own Sustainability Roadmap a part of the company’s global purpose of “Making the World a Better Home”. To further their goal of being Net Zero by 2050, they wanted to educate their colleagues and encourage them to take action as part of the initiative. They enlisted 3radical to provide an interactive digital experience to deliver easily digestible content wrapped in gamification techniques that also motivated engagement through rewards.

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How do you educate colleagues across all job roles, located nationwide, and across multiple brands, and do this in a completely different, more effective, and rewarding manner?

Saint-Gobain’s specialist distributor brands, Minster and Jewson Civils Frazer, had the task of driving awareness of their Net Zero by 2050 goal to their colleagues. Training on their sustainability roadmap needed to give colleagues the ability to speak confidently and completely, to both internal and external audiences, on what the company is doing to reach ESG targets and what actions can be taken at the individual level.


3radical deployed a device-responsive, gamified microsite centred around a board game. Driven by a compelling internal marketing and communications campaign to create awareness for the innovative digital experience, Saint-Gobain colleagues were encouraged to interact with the experience and apply their learnings both at home and at work, as they consumed easily digestible content in support of the company’s target of net carbon neutral by 2050. Colleagues were also motivated by rewards to take action, i.e., the more content they review, the more throws  of the dice they unlock as they work their way around the board to collect tokens. This gives employees the chance to win instant prizes such as ‘sustainable’ chocolate, reusable coffee mugs, National Trust vouchers, and entries into a prize draw to win an eco-holiday. In addition, the online experience has a regional leaderboard so colleagues can check out their points progress against their colleagues. This competitive element to the game also encourages interaction with each other, as does the ability to share images and “likes” and comments in the built-in photo gallery.


  • An Award Winning Interactive Digital Experience

    By incorporating proven motivational levers of belonging, autonomy and esteem, Saint-Gobain’s Minster and Jewson Civils Frazer gave their colleagues a platform that generated excitement and enthusiasm as they learned about sustainability in an accessible and easy to understand format. The award winning online experience linked activities colleagues can do with their families at home to the Net Zero by 2050 initiative at work, and visa versa. They also made the activities of their customers and suppliers part of their learning so they could truly add value as a distributor. Additionally:

  • Engagement

    70% of total colleagues engaged during the four month programme

    90% of visitors viewed all content

    150 returning colleagues on first day of 2nd phase of launch

  • Further Driving Sustainability Awareness

    More than 50 examples of colleagues uploading photographs of what they are doing to aid the journey towards Net Zero and how they are “Making the World a Better Home”

  • Valuable Data

    Over 400 knowledge surveys completed

3radical’s deep employee engagement experience and breadth of platform has become an integral part of our sustainability roadmap as we work toward our environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets. The increasing importance of representing these meaningful goals is critical to ensuring employees are aligned behind and actively support our net zero initiative. Additionally, as we look to recruit the next generation, who in many cases are particularly vocal and passionate about the environment, having employee engagement programmes like this in place will help demonstrate that we echo their values.

Helen Tunnicliffe,

Head of Marketing, Minster and Jewson Civils Frazer

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