Foxy Bingo


Online gaming is highly competitive, where numerous brands compete for player attention and share of wallet. It was becoming increasingly difficult to standout and differentiate without relying on ever increasing “free money” offers.

Foxy Bingo sought to create more immersive experiences, where players could be motivated to engage on a more continuous basis and be rewarded with prize draws and branded merchandise rather than financial rewards.



Using the Voco platform, Foxy Bingo have embedded an immersive board game into their website, where players are encouraged to return daily.

Players receive one roll of the dice each day, which they use to move round the board and to collect tokens. Completing a set of tokens unlocks a range of prizes, prize draw entries, Foxy Bingo merchandise and other rewards.

When players have had their throw, they can earn extra dice rolls by completing further tasks, such as answering a survey, wagering additional amounts, etc.


  • Inviting engagement

    The vast majority of customers visiting the website played the board game, making it an integral part of the experience.

  • Being memorable

    Average unique daily players increased 30%.

    Player volumes increased as players repeatedly engaged with the game to maximise chances of winning.

    100% retention of players from month to month.

  • Motivating purchase

    Daily player volumes increased.

    More players undertook “stretch spend” tasks, as  a means to gain more game plays.

    1000s of customers completed the survey, thereby providing valuable first-party customer preference data to improve future engagement.

We have seen a 30% increase in average daily players, increased revenue and great depth of engagement by integrating immersive experiences created by 3radical Voco into the Foxy Bingo website.

Kim Eaglestone, Manager Bingo,

GVC Group

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