Forum Membership Activation


This leading online forum covers the latest trends in technology across Asia Pacific and provides its members with product release news, product specifications, price guides, in-depth reviews and discussion forums.

With over 400,000 members and increasing competition from other online channels, they need to ensure that they provide high quality content, that is of interest to all its members.

In conjunction with leading technology brands, they look to encourage forum members to visit, interact and comment, on a continuous basis, on new product campaigns. To do this they needed to motivate members through highly immersive and rewarding experiences.


The 3radical Voco platform was integrated into the online forum to encourage engagement around specific campaigns sponsored by leading brands in the region.

Users are rewarded with points for reviewing content, answering questions, and commenting on discussion threads using certain mystery words and phrases. They are encouraged to come back repeatedly with new content and new rewards unlocked each week.

The more forum members participate the more points they earn. Leaderboards are used to help users view the points they’ve earned and what prizes are eligible for redemption, the leaderboards also help to encourage healthy competition between forum members and so further build the community feel of the site.

At the end of each campaign, users can self-select the rewards they want to receive in exchange for their points.


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