So you are looking to build you first interactive experience with Voco. Read on to learn more about the different building blocks available.


Tactics are the bedrock of each experience. They represent the activities or challenges that you, the brand, want your audience to complete.

Using Voco audiences can be challenged to complete over 50 different tasks, including answering surveys, viewing content, playing branded games, checking-in at physical locations and advocating about products and services.

Thanks to Voco’s ability to integrate with virtually any 3rd Party application, tactics can also be used to motivate audiences to complete a wide range of external activities, including purchasing and using particular products and services.


Rewards are the positive outcomes that users can earn when tasks are completed. To ensure every action can be rewarded, Voco includes a wide range of customisable reward types.

Symbolic or ‘zero cost’ rewards include badges, statuses, achievements, access to gated content and additional ‘plays’ within branded games. Voco can also issue real-world rewards such as electronically fulfilled vouchers, prize draw entries and redeemable reward points.

Alternatively, Voco quickly and easily integrates with external loyalty and reward platforms to leverage existing investment in these technologies.


Stories are the rules that define the flow of your interactive experience. They allow you to determine which challenges each of your audience members will see and the content items and rewards they will receive as they interact.

By linking multiple stories you can create experiences that react to audience interaction, immediately offering up the next most appropriate task to each person to complete, driving ‘in the moment’ engagement.

All stories are created using Voco’s easy to use graphical interface designed specifically for business users.



Brands using the Voco platform typically experience up to a 3x increase in engagement rates, but why does this occur?

Under the bonnet, Voco uses game-science to present audiences with a simple three-step ‘Challenge’, ‘Achievement’ and ‘Reward’ pattern of interaction proven to boost engagement rates.

But what exactly is ‘gamification’ and why does it work?


Your organisation is likely to have tools existing for managing business processes including CRM, digital marketing and eLearning.

That’s why we’ve designed Voco to seamlessly integrate with these and many other applications to help improve productivity and amplify results.

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