Why has 3radical opened up the Voco platform?

/ 27 November 2019

Why has 3radical opened up the Voco platform?

At 3radical we are continually looking for innovative ways that we can help clients engage with their audiences. 

The journey started several years ago now when the company built a series of classic yet simple initial mechanics. Many of these initial mechanics were developed to allow our clients to present an obvious value exchange to their audiences. “Complete Task A to unlock the chance to win Reward B” – clear, simple and, as the results quickly indicated, very effective.

We quickly augmented these initial mechanics with new capabilities designed to drive deeper, longer term engagement – mechanics which also proved to be equally successful and popular with audiences and brands alike. 

Around the same time became clear that many of the techniques we had developed to engage with consumers, such as incentivised quizzes and surveys that capture self-reported data, could be used to engage virtually any audience. 

Increasingly clients began approaching 3radical to see if we could help them address challenges as disparate as motivating staff to engage with digital transformation programmes and helping international students feel more at home when relocating to study overseas.

As we built out further core capabilities and enabled clients to address more use-cases in more verticals our thoughts turned to two key challenges. How could we accelerate the introduction of new features and how could we open up the Voco platform so that 3rd Parties could also build new functionality that harnessed the power of the platform and allowed challenges in specific industry verticals to be addressed?

And so the ‘Content Hosting Interface’ was born. Following in the footsteps of many leading software companies, including Apple and Salesforce, the recently announced Content Hosting Interface effectively allows customers and 3rd Party developers to develop new features – or ‘apps’ – to extend Voco’s core capabilities. 

Once an app has been developed the Content Hosting Interface enables users to upload the new feature into the Voco platform where it then operates like any other ‘tactic’. Business users are able to select and use the new capability alongside any existing Voco feature to build out even more engaging and immersive interactive experiences.

3radical envisages that clients will initially use the Content Hosting Interface in two key ways. First we expect some clients will look to add new custom game mechanics into their experiences. Want to add a word puzzle game into your employee training? No problem, just build an app for that (sorry Apple!). 

We also expect that many customers will look to develop innovative new techniques for capturing further self-reported or ‘zero party’ customer data. A great example of this is our new ‘Feedback Wheel’, a capability we were able to rapidly develop internally when testing the Content Hosting Interface. 

Essentially the Feedback Wheel is a mechanism that allows audiences to quickly supply feedback on a given topic, such as thoughts about a particular product or service, simply by swiping through a list of customisable options.

By building custom mechanics in this way brands will increasingly be able to address the specific challenges they face and also differentiate themselves from their competitors while still benefiting from leveraging the core features of the Voco platform that will continue to be extended and enhanced.

With the introduction of the Content Hosting Interface the sky is really the limit. We are very much looking forward to building out an ecosystem of content providers and then throwing down the gauntlet to these organisations (app building contest anyone?) to help us take audience engagement to the next level.

To learn more about the Content Hosting Interface, including details of how to start building apps for Voco, please reach out to your Customer Success team or contact us directly at info@3radical.com. Read the press release now.

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