Using Gamification to Earn Data

/ 3 August 2021

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) companies, like many others, have had a turbulent 18 months. Demand has been heavily impacted by the pandemic, and customer preferences and behaviour has been transformed. Unfortunately for brands, this means databases could now consist of inaccurate, incomplete customer data.

Understandably, many FMCG brands, and even the stores in which these products are sold, are constantly on the lookout for new ways to capture customer preference data. Tesco, one of the world’s largest supermarket brands, offer product discounts and vouchers to encourage the use of their Clubcard, which then allows the company to offer targeted and relevant promotions and vouchers. This works as the customer is being rewarded for sharing their personal data.

However, the task of directly earning customer data can be much harder for FMCG brands. Even prior to the pandemic, obtaining the information required to support personalized customer engagement was challenging, particularly if the key information that a brand needs can only be obtained directly from consumers. 

So how can brands earn the customer data required to build long-term, profitable, and mutually beneficial relationships? 

Here’s how a global pet care brand and HH Global earned permissioned customer data:

Interestingly, while this pet care brand is met with the same challenges as other FMCG brands, the company already had a sizeable consumer database, which was managed by the brand’s marketing services provider and 3radical partner, HH Global. The problem, however, was a portion of the records lacked vital information about pet ownership, including pet name, birth date, and pet type.

HH Global brought in 3radical to develop a solution to both capture the initial attention of the pet food company’s consumers and then provide a compelling reason for consumers to share pet ownership information – insight which HH Global could then use to drive highly personalized and engaging consumer communications. 

Adding Gamification to Earn Consented Data 

To increase the amount and quality of the brand’s customer data, a different type of experience was required, one which would boost engagement and survey completion rates by presenting consumers with a clear value exchange around the provision of consented data.

However, audiences are increasingly fatigued by traditional approaches to data capture and are now aware of the value of their data. By adding gamification to the data capture process – in the form of an entertaining “advent” calendar – it offered the audience a relevant, fun, and timely reason to complete the survey, and then engage on a daily basis throughout the holiday period. In this case, the leading pet care brand’s audience were extrinsically motivated to provide their personal data in return for a positive reward. 

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Capturing Consented Data

Before granting access to the “advent” calendar, a survey mechanic was deployed which was designed to get to know the pet owner and their pet better. To ensure the calendar offered relevant information and rewards, the survey data, captured in real-time, was used to present an adapted version of the calendar, with content personalized for cat owners, dog owners, or owners of both types of pets.

Rewarding the Customer

Consumers were then able to engage with the calendar repeatedly over the course of the next twelve days. On each occasion, they were able to open calendar doors to reveal rewards that they could choose to either claim or ignore.

To enable the brand to test their audience’s responsiveness to different concepts of value, the calendar included a range of prize types, including prize draw entries, product discount coupons, and pet ‘hints and tips’ video content. 

To add an additional element of surprise and enjoyment, on a number of days the campaign was also configured to randomly select a handful of consumers to win a number of special prizes, such as six months’ worth of free pet food.

The Results

The leading pet care brand and HH Global decided to take a different approach to collecting Earned Data and it paid off. The campaign helped add ‘known pet’ information to their consumer base, increase engagement throughout the holiday period, and distribute thousands of promotional coupons. In addition to this campaign generating a 3x higher email click-through rate than with typical communications, what made this campaign stand out from others looking to increase and improve the quality of their customer data is the brand added genuine value to the data collection process, as evidenced by 63% of their audience completing the non-mandatory survey. 

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About 3radical

3radical is a consumer data acquisition and audience engagement solutions provider. 

We help organizations listen to their consumers and adapt experiences accordingly by giving them the ability to earn consented data directly from their audience, fostering humanized interactions through choice-driven journeys provided by 3radical’s gamification software.

Supported by comprehensive strategy and execution services, we use game science to shape and help the consumer experience by creating a fair value exchange delivered directly to each recipient and optimized by data and real-time decisioning. Every progressive exchange results in consented, earned data provided by the consumer in a transparent, motivating, and mutually beneficial environment enticing consumers to want to share and engage more. 

Through our combined software and services, we can help brands strive towards an earned data culture by identifying where brands can make changes, redesign their processes, and manage their people to maximize benefits

3radical operates globally through offices in North America, the UK, and Asia Pacific and serves major brands across various industries.

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