Restaurants That Digitally Innovate Will Succeed

/ 17 March 2017

Restaurants Embracing Digital Innovation Will Successfully Differentiate

By Ron Shulkin, 3radical

Innovation Creates Differentiation

Restaurant marketing teams are aware diner restaurant visits are fewer and their overall spending is down. When diners are ready to eat out, a long list of restaurants are fighting to capture their attention. With these myriad options, only strong brands and differentiated concepts will carry the day. The ability to infuse a culture of innovation will create differentiation.

Digital Outreach Is Key

In our modern world, decisions, like where to eat, are researched via digital means (read that mobile). Only the restaurants, pubs and entertainment venues embracing digital tools, with their unique targeting capabilities, use of psychologically compelling techniques, and agile methodologies will successfully reach potential diners at the right time with the right message.

If you think your restaurant is excluded from the requirements for digital innovation, think back on the impact of “Moneyball” on Professional Baseball. If the leading restaurant venues are using analytics and digital outreach now, all restaurants who want to compete on an even playing field will be running to use it next season.

Same Store Sales are Down

Some consumers are eating out less often; restaurant visits and spending are down. The restaurant industry notes weak same store sales and traffic. In fact, they’re down 21 out of the last 24 months. Consumers continue to grapple with rising costs and stagnant wages.

Competitive Differentiation

It might be with the burst of investor-owned restaurant companies, and their emphasis on driving growth, the restaurant community has expanded beyond what the market can support. Amid increased competition and decreased traffic, restaurant management are coming to terms with the reality they must differentiate or fade away. Restaurant venues with strong brands and differentiated concepts will carry the day. The ability to infuse a culture of innovation will create that differentiation.

Enforce Message

Restaurants focusing on building a regular customer base with a consistent message of quality or health conscious, environmentally friendly menu or how they have remodeled or their new sustainable and antibiotic-free ingredients can use digital outreach to satisfy their diners. Today’s consumer desires to know the story behind the meal.

Loyalty & Repeat Diners

Restaurants must do more than get diners to try them out. They must nurture loyalty to keep them as customers. As the consumer’s dining options increases, the cost of customer acquisition for the restaurant brands increases. And customer loyalty decreases.

Industry research tells us restaurant brand loyalty is established on the fourth visit. Statistics show it is 90 percent likely that those who visit a restaurant for the fourth time will continue to visit on a regular basis, demonstrating brand loyalty. Winners will develop a customer nurturing campaign designed to propel the guest to their fourth visits.

Best Practice Digital Outreach

By regularly interacting with diners in between visits, nurturing an increase their frequency and spend,

new digital marketing techniques can help restaurant brands standout from competitors and get great results.

Get On Track With Digital Outreach

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