Q&A with 3radical’s New SVP, Strategic Services, Kevin Bauer

/ 9 February 2021

Q&A with 3radical’s New SVP, Strategic Services, Kevin Bauer

After recently welcomed Kevin Bauer, SVP, Strategic Services to the 3radial team, we sat down with Kevin to learn a bit more about him.

3r: What trends in the market are you seeing 3radical address?

KB: I see 3radical as being ideally suited to addressing the market-dominant issues of trust, transparency and control.  This applies to the consumer as much as it does to brands and the technologies that support them.  By enabling real-time experiences that provide fair value exchange and fully consented incremental engagement and data capture, 3radical are providing the ability to move beyond yesterday’s approaches of sleight of hand, reliance on 3rd party data, and over reliance on impression volumes to drive business results. 

3r: What intrigued you to want to work for 3radical?

KB: 3radical was the first company I saw that was addressing the core of the issues that challenge consumers and brands alike.  Brands are currently severely restricted by their technology portfolios and partners which largely focus on attempting to orchestrate future experience on poor quality, historically dubious data sets.  This does not serve anyone in the overall consumer ecosystem.  By creating the ability for brands to be in control of their own destiny, regardless of the speed of technical innovation and the pace of change in privacy and media tracking, 3radical has placed itself in the fast-lane to transformative business performance for its clients and end-consumers.  That is an exciting place to be.

3r:  What initiatives are you going to work on in the first 30-60-90 days?

KB: There is so much great work happening and a ton of momentum in the business right now.  Getting started is about understanding the current needs of our customer base and our internal teams.  While it is clear that everyone is aligned on a vision, identifying how we codify existing strategies, processes and priorities is key to aligning internally as well as with market demands.  I believe that naturally moves into focus on aligning process with business objectives and helping to refine how 3radical positions itself in the wider marketing technology space.  Ensuring our value proposition is easily understood as well as easily executable across customer, employee, student and partner engagements in APAC, Europe and the Americas where we are seeing tremendous demand in financial services, healthcare, retail, gaming, services and more will be a key focus to our strategic services on an ongoing basis.

3r:  What are you looking forward to?

KB: I very much look forward to working with all the great teammates at 3radical and our wonderful clients and continuing to join in the great strategic thinking and execution happening, as well as continuing my unbeaten record for winner of the video conference call background award with my collection of bounty hunters, Jedi, Sandtroopers and more as I share my love for Star Wars with everyone around me, whether they ask for it or not!

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