Pioneering a New Approach to Cyber Security Awareness Training

/ 7 July 2020

Pioneering a New Approach to Cyber Security Awareness Training with Standard Chartered Bank

While the cyber security landscape is continually evolving, the biggest and most consistent line of defence for an organisation remains its employees. In response, organisations are looking for innovative and more effective ways to engage their teams and manage the human aspects of information and cyber security risk. Standard Chartered Bank is no exception.

Ellie Warner, Global Head of Cyber Training, Awareness and Exercises at Standard Chartered Bank, took part in our exclusive cybersecurity webinar ‘How To Harden Your Human Firewall’ that we hosted alongside Jinan Budge, Principal Analyst for Security and Risk at Forrester. During the session, Ellie shares insights into how the Bank is evolving its strategy to further strengthen its security culture and build great cyber resilience among its employees. This includes the use of gamification in its cyber awareness programme to deliver greater efficiencies and increase the effectiveness of the Bank’s cyber security awareness and training initiatives. Ellie believes that gamification helps drive secure employee behaviours by invoking a deeper emotional connection with the subject of cyber security through the use of data-driven, hyper-personalised user journeys that both engage and reward employees and close the loop on learning. 

Ellie likens the Bank’s overarching approach to one a marketer would take – know your audience and use that insight to better connect with them. At the Bank, they use persona-based learning journeys founded on understanding different employees’ motivations, which they link to the potential benefits and harmful consequences that can result from an individual employee’s actions and behaviours.

Recognising that employees learn more effectively when they’re interacting with channels and content formats they’re most comfortable with, the Bank takes care to offer different options for cybersecurity learning experiences by offering a blend of online and offline touchpoints. Information is served in multiple formats including physical events and roadshows, targeted training sessions, challenges served in both time-bound and self-paced modules, podcasts, and interactive videos, and more.

Ellie also shares how gamification has become a key component in its e-learning cybersecurity programmes, particularly in decision-making challenges and scenario-based assessments. With the use of storytelling and microlearning, complex content is broken down into bite-sized and digestible topics that lead to the enhanced retention of key cyber concepts. 

Listen to Ellie’s talk now to hear more on how Standard Chartered Bank are building its resilience to continually growing cyber security threats and how it is engaging employees in an ongoing cybersecurity awareness programme that measures, inspires, and ultimately drives secure behaviour. What’s more, as a result of its programme, employees are equipped with a better understanding and application of secure behaviour in their day-to-day lives, benefiting both them as individuals and the Bank.

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