/ 29 July 2022

Make REI’s multi-channel marketing strategy a success with solutions from 3radical 

Omnichannel teams know that a consistent and cohesive marketing strategy is only effective if the consumer and their preferences are at the center of the experience. 

But being able to tailor and adapt messages to an individual customer’s preferences or past interactions with REI requires unique, often difficult to obtain, zero-party data.  

Enter 3radical’s adaptive, personalized, experiential customer journeys. 

With 12.2 million customers visiting REI’s homepage monthly, it can be a challenge to identify every consumers’ needs and intent while shopping for home furnishings, but our journeys make it easy. 

Our customer journeys can not only determine the outdoor activity (or activities) a consumer may be shopping for, but also preferred brands, styles, and colors. We can then use these detailed data preferences to drive future tailored marketing efforts.

Still not sure if it’s right for REI? Check out the results from our campaign with North America’s largest arts and crafts retailer, Michaels: 

  • 80,000 unique emails reactivated ($400k value)
  • 41% of those that clicked the email engaged with the experience
  • 2,500 unique data points were captured 

We’ve run the numbers and a similar campaign for REI could be worth $16.5 million annually.

Ready to hear more? Contact Josh Weiner:
email: josh.weiner@3radical.com | tel: (847)-254-1200

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