Learn How NAB Increased Employee Engagement and Digital Adoption

/ 1 October 2019

National Australia Bank (NAB), one of the four largest financial institutions in Australia and ranked in the Top 50 largest banks in the world, has been around for nearly 160 years with 30,000 employees across Australia, serving over 9 million customers.

The Bank is now well into an AU$4.5billion three-to-five year digital transformation journey it started in 2017. It has invested heavily in creating innovative digital solutions for customers and is using new technology to fundamentally change how they attract, retain and engage with customers to create better relationships and provide more value.

That’s where 3radical comes in. NAB’s Digital Adoption team has been working with 3radical on its Digifit program to create an interactive training journey which shares knowledge, and raises awareness of NAB’s digital products and services to all employees and gets them to engage with that content more than traditional approaches by using game science mechanics.

By exploiting the power and capabilities of the 3radical Voco platform, the Digifit program encourages employees to embrace digital initiatives informing and engaging them with the content necessary to support NAB customers in migrating from physical transactions to digital channels. 

NAB’s goal was to drive awareness, adoption & advocacy of all things digital at NAB namely:

  • For all NAB employees to be aware of what “Digital” is and what their digital channels are
  • Promote the adoption of digital channels across all NAB employees
  • Drive advocacy – ensure staff are comfortable talking about their digital channels, including features and benefits

The 3radical Voco platform made it easy for the team running the Digifit program to incorporate gamification. Game design principles challenged NAB employees to engage with bite-size content comprised of interactive videos, customer scenarios, and then follow-up assessments themed around its digital offerings and best practices built the confidence of employees and encouraged them to have conversations with customers about its digital channels. 

Regular participation in the Digifit program was rewarded with a personal ‘Achievement Wall’ that celebrated (and incentivised) the most engaged employees and employees could also win entries into a prize draw when they were more active. All managed from within 3radical Voco.

If you’d like to hear more about the programme and how NAB uses gamification then check out our short video interview with Claire Righetti, Head of Digital Adoption. She explains how the Digifit program engages employees and why it was awarded ‘Best Use of Gamification’, and ‘Best Employee Engagement Strategy’. 

Watch the video to learn how to improve employee engagement and increase digital adoption within your organisation.

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