Introducing the Founding Members of The Radical Network

/ 2 June 2020

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The Radical Network, a select group of independent consultants helping to enable clients maximize the benefits of the 3radical Voco audience engagement platform. 

So often we hear the term SaaS refer to technology companies; and so often we hear how “software as a service” actually doesn’t include any services at all. The Radical Network was launched to offer clients performance-led, flexible strategic services to extract the full potential from their marketing technology. Through 3radical’s approach of “earning” their customer’s data via a trusted, transparent, mutual value exchange, The Radical Network deploys a seamless customer journey, increasing rates of engagement, boosting higher lifetime value, and diversifying and expanding how consumers interact with the client.

So, let me introduce you to the Radical Network…

Terrilyn Tourangeau
Chief Consultant, Loyalty Marketing Strategist

“I am delighted to join the 3radical network because this is a never seen before platform to deliver data insights with permissions built in.  Previously, I worked with vast data sets, and yet still had to make heavy use of inferred data, purchased demographic data, and so on.  3radical delivers earned data, not purchased or inferred, directly from the customer, and provides the ability to develop robust profiles down to the individual customer level. This is a loyalty marketer’s dream.”

For over 20 years, Terrilyn has been a strategist for some of the world’s largest hospitality loyalty programs, delivering continuous growth year-over-year through the use of data to enhance the customer journey and ultimately loyalty to brands. 



Marc Shull
Chief Consultant
Marketing IQ

“I’m excited to be working with 3radical because there is so much untapped opportunity with brands, and 3radical is taking that challenge head-on.  The ability to understand consumer behavior at a granular level with a platform that improves engagement throughout the customer journey gives marketers a real opportunity to build more relevant experiences that lead to stronger and longer lasting customer relationships.”

Marc founded Marketing IQ in 2009.  Best known for bringing a clear vision to client marketing challenges, Marc joins together the best of marketing’s left-brained analytics and insights with right-brained creative and strategy to develop highly effective marketing solutions.  Over the last 20+ years, Marc has worked with businesses ranging from regional non-profits to large multi-national corporations across a diverse set of industries including Visa, Party City, Aetna, Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group, General Mills, Miller Coors, P&G, eBay, Intel, Prudential Capital Group, Polska Grupa Farmaceutyczna, Domino’s, Safeway, and Wal-Mart.



Kevin Bauer
Kessel Digital

“I’m excited to join the Radical Network as it is a proven and modern approach to creating success for clients by combining real-world strategy and operations experience with leading technology solutions, while maintaining the independence that’s so critical to build trust and transparency with brands and the customers they serve.”

Kevin is a digital marketing expert with over 25 years of experience building and running marketing teams across Europe and the US, from some of the largest global brands to high-growth startups.  His unique blend of operational expertise, data and technology strategy and consulting experience has resulted in multiple national awards for innovation and excellence in marketing transformation and digital marketing operations. 


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